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Thread: is Primal dessert an oxymoron

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    Any frozen fruit dipped in melted dark chocolate makes and elegant dessert. Raw cream and frozen fruit mixed in the blender makes a soft serve that is awesome.

    Chocolate mousse is easy just whip some cream in the blender, add in an egg and about a tbsp of cocoa powder (unsweetened) for each serving. pour in glasses or bowls and chill to set up.

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    Freeze 1/2 of a ripe banana in foil. It can be eaten with a spoon and is a sweet substitute for a frozen treat, pun intended.
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    The other day I made dark chocolate covered strawberries and served them with a banana and dark chocolate whipped cream on the side. Primal or not, it was amazing.
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    Banana slices, sauteed in butter are amazing. Then you could you mix together some almond butter, coconut oil and unsweetened cocoa and drizzle it over. To me this tastes way better than conventional sugary dessert.

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    I actually like cheese as my dessert, and salted coconut milk. Crumbled creamed coconut. Nuts. I love fruit, but I try to eradicate sweet tooth. Unfortunately, savory dessert is still a treat, and I feel like eating treats. Based on this mindset, dessert/treats are probably better not be had, however, I personally have a complicated emotional investment into the postprandial stuff. Perhaps, that signal that the meal is over is important after all. I just don't know what is right, and how to establish the no dessert routine. So far, I believe that if one could skip the dessert it is a good idea to do so, but if not, a savory dessert may be better than a sweet dessert if you are working on your eating education under the conditions of sugar addiction.
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    3 parts coconut manna
    1 part coconut oil
    warmed slightly (10 seconds in mircowave +/-)
    unsweetened cocoa powder (to taste), stir until smooth
    add cold berries or cold macadamia nuts
    This concoction is way better than commercial ice cream.

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    I like to go for the classic almond butter spread on apple. Another favourite is Fage greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of almond butter and a hint of honey mixed together - that's pretty special.

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    Sometimes I eat fruit for the main meal, and then eat bacon for dessert.

    I made ice-cream with coconut milk, egg yolks, and maple syrup once. Followed a primal recipe and actually thought it was too sweet. If I make it again I will definitely use less syrup.
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    I make this sweet potato 'pie' and have it with double cream 3 Ingredient Paleo Sweet Potato “Pie” It's really good and my 3 year old loves it too.

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    It can be oxymoronic when high frequency. But healthiest not to cut out dessert entirely, esp when Italian gelato enters the equation.
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