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Thread: Carbs in yerba mate?

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    Carbs in yerba mate?

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    Today I've visited my local South American market in order to buy yerba mate (I read a lot about its benefits). However, it was listed on the bag that a single cup of yerba mate (about 6g of tea) has 4g of carbs! Way too much for me (ketosis). Then again, I will certainly filter it and not add anything to it (sugar, honey, etc that is loaded with carbs). I just don't know if this is right or not - it was written in Spanish, but I certainly did understand poción and carbohidratos
    Thanks in advance for your replies!

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    I think it only applies if you were to actually ingest the plant matter.
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    You will ingest some carbs from drinking yerba mate. The types that I have are usually around 9 grams per gourd. I personally don't daemonize carbohydrates though so I have zero issues and 9 grams is a very small amount. If you think that primal vegetables like broccoli have too many carbs then you'll most likely want to avoid yerba mate as well.

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    For what it's worth, I'm married to an Argentine and live with many of them. We all drink Mate every day, and it has not affected my weight...other than suppress my appetite ..however I am not super strict nor am I purposely trying to get into ketosis. Also, most people drink it with sugar, so having it plain would be most likely comparable to a tea with a negligible amount of carbs.

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