Hello All,

I'm looking for some guidance to fix my current situation. I'm 5'11 and currently weight 170 pounds. I was at 183 about a month and half back, but after implementing some of PB nutrition principals into my diet, and doing a lot of cardio, I lost 13 pounds.

My goal was to get down to about 155, but the problem is, the slimmer I get, the fatter I feel/look. Am I doing something wrong? Because of my broad shoulders and back, I don't have what some might call a traditional skinny/fat look, but I'm definitely not at the level of leanness I would like to be.

My questions to the community:

Is 155 too thin for me? If so, should i focus on just lifting weights to lean out and maintain weight, or should I do something else? My goals are to get lean without the added bulk, so any suggestions would be helpful?