Hello everyone,

Here is the short version of my question: What would an aggressive, comprehensive diet/supplement protocol to reduce neuro-inflammation look like? Would it be ketogenic?

Here is the backstory:
My 5-year-old son is autistic. He has been primal for over a year (including very strict gluten and casein free) and has benefitted greatly, but still has many problems. These include extreme verbal stereotypy, which is basically constant repetition of nonsense phrases/sounds, along with an almost complete inability to focus. I have been working with a specialized nutritionist who suspects yeast, but her aggressive probiotic approach has had no effect. I want to start looking further outside the box, and have read recently about the role of neuro-inflammation in autism. I have also read that ketogenesis can have anti-inflammatory effects and improve the brain’s use of energy. In addition, I know of one study (blogged about by Emily Deans) in which a ketogenic diet improved autistic symptoms (although the sample size, 30 kids, was small).

I definitely want to try an aggressive, anti-inflammatory approach to see what affect it would have. I know that he should stay primal and that I can continue to give him fish oil, but other than that I am not sure what the specifics should be. Robb Wolf has an “auto-immune protocol". Would an anti-inflammatory protocol be similar to that? I tried sending my question to Robb’s podcast but it wasn’t selected, and Mark states specifically on his site that he doesn’t answer questions that relate to specific conditions. I googled “anti-inflammatory diet” and came up with Dr. Weil, which doesn’t seem primal/paleo at all. Then I googled “anti-inflammatory diet for autism” and got a bunch of vegan hits—yikes! So, I thought this might be a good place to start. Any guidance any of you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Mary