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Thread: Actor/Vegetarian Michael Clarke Duncan Dead of Heart Attack page 3

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    Man, that sucks. I liked the guy as an actor (plus I got the impression he was a happy, friendly person off-stage). I don't care how he was eating or what caused his death; it's sad he's gone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lily Marie View Post
    I was sad to hear that he died. He seems like a really sweet guy.

    I find his body comp/size to be unhealthy and unattractive. There are many people who strive daily to accomplish the mass that this man has, like it's a good thing.

    It's not. It doesn't matter if it's fat and/or muscle. Too much weight and mass doesn't do a body good. Heart strain can't be cured with lettuce or ribeyes.

    Your body is only meant to be so big. Just because you CAN get a massive amount of muscle on your frame, doesn't mean you SHOULD. You're a human being, not half elephant or ox.
    What makes you think he wasn't naturally that size? Just listen to how deep his voice is; the guy was just built HUGE. I don't think he was too big at all. Just because his body type isn't your preference doesn't mean he was an unhealthy size. There's a lot of natural variation in body size and shape among people and I think he was just an outlier, out on the "massive" end of the spectrum.

    At the end of the day we have NO IDEA what actually caused his heart attack (it could have been stress, or drugs, or plain bad luck, or any number of things), and the gloating tone in this thread is less than appealing.
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    I know that we don't know what caused his heart attack, but just because he was born that way, doesn't mean he was healthy. Look at Andre the Giant. He was born huge, but his body couldn't take it. There are people born small and their bodies can't take it either.

    The body's design was made to be a specific size within a range. MCD didn't seem like he was all that healthy. He was a very jolly person, but he seemed labored.

    I'm just saying that if you're struggling to put on that extra muscle, maybe your body doesn't want it. That's all.

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    andre the giant had giant-ism, not applicable
    yeah you are

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    Roids + partying = heart attack city.

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    Yes, RusM, I think he did steroids... maybe not until he died but I think that caused his heart disease. Just guessing. Hang in there, Grokdaddy. You probably were being very mild and speculative and it turned on you. Don't let it get you down.

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