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Thread: South Florida Wedding Cakes

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    South Florida Free Wedding Cake

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    Hey everyone this is sort of a 'putting my feelers out there' moment to see if this is a viable idea.

    I am currently running a grain-free baking mix company and since the website is taking forever, making business slow despite the fact many are ordering through Facebook; I was considering producing 100% primal/paleo wedding cakes to those who want it in South Florida, more specifically Broward County, Deerfield, Boca and North Miami/Aventura.

    So any of you Grok's or Grokette's living in those areas or just anyone anywhere I would love to hear your thoughts. Would you be interested in specialty cakes and/or wedding cakes? What flavors would appeal to you and any other thoughts you would like to put down.

    Thank you all so much.

    That was my original post but I received some good input. Now I need to see how viable this idea of Primal wedding cakes/specialty cakes in South Florida is. If it seems like there is a need for it I will eventually deliver to all of South Florida.

    For now I know it's not wedding season, but for anyone living in-between the areas of Deerfield and North Miami/ Aventura I am offering my services for a wedding/specialty cake, free to you. I will decorate and bake the cake, loan you the stand if necessary and deliver if necessary. This is so I can have a trial run with this concept carrying out the appointment and testing flavors and fillings.

    So to sum up anyone interested in free cake or if you have any questions and are willing to help me test my business idea let me know.
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