Hi, I'm a 45yr old male who has experienced a fitness renaissance in the few months since I began to follow The Primal Blueprint. I am so used to feeling lethargic, being addicted to sweet stuff and having hunger spikes from eating so many carbs' that I am stunned at the newly lean, stronger and more energetic person that I seem to be transforming into. One of the upshots of this positive transformation is that I have a strong desire to work with other people in a motivational field like exercise and nutrition. So I'm looking for advice about nutritional courses that other Groks and Grokette's may have studied that embrace, or at least incorporate, a primal element. I'm loathe to devote time and money to studying the standard nutritional model that recommends the 'grains and low-fat' approach if there are any alternatives out there. If anyone can help I would very much appreciate it!