G'day Folks!

Name is Nate, but commonly known as Cricket. I just needed a bit of clarification on something.

I've been Primal for approximately 6 months, and love every minute of it! While reading The Primal Blueprint, coming across the Carbohydrate Curve trigged a question in me. We all know the 0 - 50g = Ketosis, 50 - 100g = Effortless Fat Loss & 100 - 150g (roughly) = Maintain body Composition.

'm currently sitting at 73kg (161lbs) and 13% Bodyfat, Male 22 years old. I'm about to undertake a Leangains/IF approach for 8 weeks and see how I progress while over in Los Angeles. So, the question is... if on my training days a do I guess you could call a carb cycle, but only going to about 125g of clean carbs, and then keeping them under 50g on my rest days, while maintaining a deficit of approximately 600 Calories a day, which for me is roughly 1926.

I would really value the opinions given, as I feel as if I am SO close to where I want to be.

~ Cricket