Hey ya'll! My name is Tiffany and greetings from the Twin Cities!

Just finished up reading Mark's Primal Blueprint and am now making my way through Whole 9's It Starts with Food. I am loving primal nutrition. I've been dedicated to it for about a week now and even though I went through the carb flu for a few days, I'm starting to see higher energy levels and I've been sleeping better.

I am about 122lbs, close to 25-26% body fat, and am looking to get down to about 18% body fat and whatever weight that happens to fall at. I'm not going to be weighing myself this month just so I can focus on all of the other positive aspects the primal lifestyle is doing for me and not thinking so much about that tiny number on the scale -- instead thinking about how I feel and how my clothes are fitting.

So, nice to meet you all Can't wait to interact more with you guys and become a part of the primal community!

So -- just one question. Here is my what my intakes look like:
1400 cals // 92 grams fat per day // 50-100 grams of carbs // and 95 grams of protein. Does that look about accurate for where my weight is right now?

Any other advice or tips are greatly appreciated