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Thread: Problems with muscle building

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    Problems with muscle building

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    I Have been primal about a month now. I've dropped a few percentages of fat, and have been getting stronger. (8 solid pullups, 12 side to side pullups), but I don't see anymore lean mad being added to me. I can't ever seem to get the 100+ grams of protein daily that I need. I usually end up getting half that. I'm in pretty good shape, and I've worked to get where I'm at for over a year. (5'11", 176-179, 15-16% bodyfat).

    My typical meals a day are:

    Skip breakfast

    Lunch: big ass salad topped with a protein like hardboiled eggs, tuna, ham, turkey, or shrimp

    Dinner: Meat- pork chops, chicken, fish fillets, shrimp, and a lot of veggies

    Snacks(throughout the day, and probably too often): nuts and fruits

    Also, my workouts are: one sprint day, three days of bodywork(no gym access), and lots of walking and tree climbing almost everyday

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    Leaning out and putting on muscle are really on the opposite ends of the spectrim. There is no need for you at 15% body fat to be skipping breakfast, you want to gain muscle you are going to need to eat. Have a nice omlette with steak and bacon in it for breakfast.
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