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Thread: how do i make my baked sweet potato fries more crisp?

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    You will want to blanch them in oil, water will just put more moisture back into them. so in coconut oil is probably your best bet. Although I think you could probably dry them out halfway in the oven and then fry them. I haven't tried this myself though, just an idea.

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    my perfect sweet potato fries.

    Purple skinned Japanese sweet potatoes ( they are dry enough )

    cold cast iron skillet
    coconut oil

    slice into pinky sized lengths
    place in pan
    cover with a cup of coconut oil (at least)

    turn on medium high heat ( you do cook with gas right ???)

    turn as the sides crisp ( start looking at 5 minutes)

    remove from heat...


    all other sweets are too wet... if you want to use them cook on much much much lower heat, say medium low for much longer.
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