Yes, it sounds weird I know but I tried some of this stuff at a Farmer's Market and just had to duplicate it when I got home.

You basically take a boatload of garlic, you can peel it all yourself or be lazy like me and get the stuff in the jar.
Then you blend the living daylights out of it.
Then you start adding olive oil drizzled in very slowly through the lid hole the same way you would with regular mayo.
It will emulsify and becomes white and the consistency of homemade mayo just with a really strong garlic flavor.
Stop adding oil when the blender blades won't turn any more. It is the right thickness.

Then other things can be added for additional flavor like kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, basil, etc.
This Farmer's market stall had a whole line of these flavors.

Can be used anywhere you would use mayo. Makes an awesome tuna salad. Salad dressings.

It would be particularly nice if you know anyone who has an egg intolerance issue.