Hi, I'm from the middle of nowhere in the UK. I'm nearly forty (few weeks to go..) and podgy around the middle

I've been trying this 'diet' for about 5 weeks and I'm converted! Have had a few cheats but only due to convenience - e.g. a burger in a roll whilst out and starving. However on odd occasion I've had bread I get a headache now - maybe psychsematic (spelt wrong - sorry).

Well, just wanted to say Hi as the few people I've mentioned this to here think I've gone mad - give up bread and pasta!! Impossible!

Also just wanted to mention have lost 5lbs and an unexpected bonus is that a swollen leg (due to DVT 10 years ago) is now the same size as my other leg!! Had got so used to hiding it had not thought it would ever change.

Well, I love reading all about this way of eating, the science behind it doesn't make me feel I'm depriving myself only that I'm benefiting myself.

Only downside is I do miss the odd pudding, bananas and cream with melted chocolate are quite nice though