Hello Primal friends! I'm brand new to the scene. I started eating Primally on Tuesday of last week, so I'm on day 6. I'm also a brand new meat eater - I've been vegetarian for 17 years and vegan for the last 5. I'm extremely knowledgeable about macro nutrients as far as NON-meat food goes, but since I don't have a clue as to meat, I used Livestrong's Daily Plate to track my calories for the last 2 days. The first day I clocked 997 cals, and the second day (trying reeeeally hard to EAT) I got in 1180. Yesterday's nutrient breakdown was 55% fat, and 22.5% for both carbs and protein (the banana got me). I'm definitely going for weight LOSS - I'm female, 27, 5'4, and 190 lbs. I wasn't at all hungry yesterday after about 900 cals, but I tried to make myself eat because I don't want to deprive my body of what it needs. So does anyone have any advice? Should I take a shot of coconut oil once in a while (lol...but seriously)? Is it ok to have that much of a calorie deficit? I'd like to be able to "listen to my body," but I find that I'm slow to actually recognize physical indicators. Anyway, sorry for the mass of info, I just want to be as successful as possible, and any advice people have would be wonderful! Thanks, everybody!