I do admit that I love good coffee and tea, and before I started my 30 day Primal experiment 2 weeks ago I never noticed any problem with it outside of knowing I drank too much of it.

So 2 weeks into this process what happens? My breakfast cup is fine, no problem (strong dark roast, either cream or coconut cream and a bit of Stevia). That second cup seems to get to my stomach a little - never did that before. The later in the day I have that second cup, the more queasy it makes me.

This never happened before, ever, so somehow it is related to this move into the Primal way of eating. It isn't a deal-breaker - I feel too good in other ways to stop this just because I can no longer consume as much coffee as I want. I am just trying to figure out what might be going on here. I have to eat something to calm my stomach when this happens, and it doesn't seem to matter WHAT I eat, just that I eat something.

Has anyone else had this problem when they started this process? The only sugar at all that I am getting is from Stevia in my coffee - and that isn't really sugar. I am eating no processed foods, grains or beans and not much dairy - what there is is whole fat.

Any thoughts on what might be going on? The thought HAS crossed my mind that perhaps my body is finally starting to get the chance to tell me what it thinks about coffee and tea...but I really hope not.