After re-aggravating a pinched nerve in my neck due to being a wuss (both in succumbing to group pressure but more in that I'm too weak for a 55# kettlebell while very other person at my CrossFit gym is fine with them...), I'm thinking the 3 month experiment with CrossFit is over for me - I kinda like it (some days), but the time commitment, schedule, and cost just aren't worth the benefit I'm getting. And honestly, I think I'd have more strength gain if I lifted weights on my own.

I started CrossFit because, quite frankly, I didn't know how to workout on my own properly. But after 3 months, I know what intensity is, how to do weight lifting, etc. safely. And the group thing at CrossFit just isn't working for me so I'd like to go solo, and I guess what I need is a program/approach.

My story:
I'm 41 (this weekend!), 196lbs, 5'10" male. I lost 70lbs in the first half of 2011 and have maintained it easily and then this year decided to 'become an athlete' : ) So I joined a gym and tried weightlifting on my own but my lack of flexibility made it so that even getting under the bar for a back squat was difficult. Thanks to CrossFit, that issue is something I can deal with now as I've learned how to lift properly and have enough flexibility now to do it on my own. My goals are to continue to lean out (I still want to drop another 10 pounds or so and I have not lost ANY weight since joining crossfit, and in fact I gained about 5 pounds, and I think a lot of that is the stress from the stupid 45 minute 'metcons' they do more often than not). I'd like to 'tone' my body more. After the majority of my life thinking that I was born with a bad, naturally flabby body/shape, after dropping most of the excess weight I've realized that I am very fortunate - I have a naturally good body shape/distribution, so that the 196lbs (at only 5'10") actually looks good on me as I have large quads/thighs.

I think if I were 25yo or my current fitness level were better than maybe CrossFit would be for me, but it's not. So I'm looking for another program. I do a lot of walking, almost every day. I enjoy it very much. I am very familiar with the BP Fitness routine.


For those who have tried and abandoned CrossFit -

What did you do as an alternative? I like the idea of the BP movements but I'm concerned it's not enough and/or will be boring.

I used to belong to a globo-gym and liked it but stopped going and started CrossFit because I figured the 'chronic cardio' I was doing on the elliptical/treadmill was not good. (But I found that the 40+ minute metcons at crossfit are a perfect example of chronic cardio....most are ~20 to 30 mins in length but add the 10 mins of always aerobic and intense 'warm-up' and I don't see how it is different).

I live in the Northeast so while I have at least another month or two where I could workout on my own outside/at a playground/track, I'll likely need to join a gym to do weightlifting as I have no equipment or space at my house.

Thoughts? Program recommendations? Is the PB Fitness routine enough to really tone/build lean muscle, or is it simply for 'basic fitness'?