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    Benefits of white tea

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    Lately I have been drinking lots of green tea as well as chamomile at night. Chamomile has really help with sleep issues at night and the green tea keeps me alert during the day. I also chose green tea bc I wanted to add caffeine back in to my diet in a natural way. I keep seeing all over the web about how great white tea is and how beneficial it is. It also still has a decent caffeine content but slightly less than green. Any tea drinkers out there? Info and suggestions would be awesome! Thanks and grok on!

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    May I refer you to my latest thread on tea to see what other people have been saying about the stuff:

    I drink a lot of all types of tea, and I have to say, it's pretty amazing stuff! Keep in mind that white tea may actually have MORE caffeine than most teas. I've been reading that caffeine protects the young leaves from being eaten by insects and small mammals, so the young leaves tend to collect lots of it until they are able to grow stronger and more resistant to the ravages of insects and the like.

    By the way, yerba mate (despite the caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline therein), has done AMAZING things for my sleep. I can drink that stuff like ten minutes before I go to sleep and then have the most amazing sleep ever. I don't know what it is in that stuff that makes me sleep so well, but man... It's liquid gold.
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