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Thread: Eating Primal and having kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Fireling View Post
    There are nights where there's no time to cook a regular meal (like Thursdays where we're all out of the house until 9pm), but the rest of the time I feed them meat and veg.
    Do you have a slow cooker?
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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    I have a 4yo, and she eats mostly primal. She enjoys some gluten free products like EnviroKids cereal and Glutino bread, but the rest of her life is pretty much dead on primal. She loves fruit, and cheese, and yogurt, and raw milk, does okay with veggies and meat.
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    my kid is 4, eating primal since he was two. it's not expensive or difficult really. except when he wants sushi all the time.

    (we allow him to have rice, potatoes, and honestly, whtever they have at kindy, and since it's a hippy kindy, it's always gluten free bread.)

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    Hi there,

    Mine are 5yo and 7yo. Some of their favourites: salmon (or cod or chicken) pieces rolled in egg and almond flour and baked to have a nice crust. And our fake french fries (celeriac cut like french fries and baked in coconut oil). Just check the internet for kids paleo/scd/gaps recipes. You'll find plenty.

    That said, I am not too strict on their eating. I don't have control on what they have in school, our at a friends house anyway. And they still have bread (dad does too). When I cook their main meal, I make it a nice healthy primal one. And frankly, there are less complaints on that compared to the times I gave them nice vegetarian meals

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    I have 2 children, they are now 17 and 20. The 17 year old has always been naturally primal even though we didn't know it. She would not eat food until she was nearly 2 and after that would only eat meat, eggs and cheese. If she went for a snack she would get a piece of ham where the other would get crisps or a sandwich. If you gave Francesca a sandwich she would throw away the bread. She is still the same although she has recently started to introduce more foods - fruit and yoghurt. Still not interested in carbs. The other is a bread eater. Guess which one is slim? If I had my time again I would bring up both Primal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeldingHank View Post
    He has no questions, he is just here to troll.
    Who is he trolling exactly and how?
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    you do seem to over analyze and over think it which complicates it. Think meat, veggies, good fats (butter, olive oil). Kids can have potatoes, rice, quinoa, and you can, too, if you're not crab intolerant.

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