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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Aug 2011
    Upstate NY
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    Today is play: 60 - 90 minutes of tae kwon do sparring class. Ulp.
    F, 44 years old, 111.8 lbs, 4 feet 11.5 inches (yes, that half inch matters!)

    **1st place sparring, AAU TKD regional qualifier, 2/15/15 - It's damn good to hit like a girl!**

    **First-ever 5K race 11/28/13: 37 minutes, 18+ seconds, no stopping**

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    Yeahh...I've just finished the YAYOG circuit (level3 of 3D dvd set) for the first time (with little modifications).
    I'm glad to see that I could improve my air plunges (?)

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    Jun 2013
    British Columbia
    Neck Dips 60lbs x 8
    Regular Dips 85lbs x 5
    Lying DB press 2 sets
    Push ups with intentions BW 1 set
    Lying extensions 88lbs with intentions x 6, 44lbs with intentions x 12
    Seated extension 50lbs x 9, 35lbs x 13
    Static hold dip BW to failure

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    Nov 2011
    Lots of machine work. The Y that I go to (ummmm...the gym for you pervs) doesnt have a spot for a squat rack or to do deads anymore. They got some nice new equipment and some useless smith machines though. Anybody actually use those smith machines for squats? Better than nothing? Anyhow, so did a really good machine HIT sort of full body workout....just felt off though cause I went in with deadlifts on the top of the list for what I was doing that day.

    Two sets of everything. First set to within 2-3 reps of failure...second going to and beyond for some static holds.

    Smith Front Squats 5x140x5-8 (almost to fail on last one. 5 sets cause the felt kinda funky and I was trying to get in best position to get the most out of em....felt like I was by the last set.)
    Chest press 2x 210x9
    PullDown 2x210x8
    Shoulder Press 2x170x5
    Compound Rows 2x160x7
    Lateral Raises 2x90x7 (definitely my fav as far as the machines go)
    Leg Curls 2x90x8

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    Jan 2012

    Squats: 265 x 5 / 300 x 3 / 335 x 5 (new PR!)
    Bench: 175 x 5 / 200 x 5 / 220 x 3 (kinda weak. 4 should have happened, I was even hopeful for 5.)
    Power Cleans: 135 x 3 / 145 x 3 / 155 x 1 / 145 x 3 / 135 x 3
    Dips: + 50 lbs 10/10/10
    Chins: + 50 lbs 5/6/6
    Alternated sets of the last 2. Kept the weight light because I wanted to get some volume in.
    Really stoked about squatting 335 for 5. This is a 10-lb PR in both senses (5-rep and 1-rep). Also heaviest squat ever as a percentage of bodyweight, at just under 205%.
    The Champagne of Beards

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    Nov 2011
    Deadlifts 265x6
    Curls 95x6 bro curls /dropset to 65x9 strict

    I'm actually not recovered from Mondays workout, and I knew it going in. I just went at it anyhow to see whats what..... I woulda usually hit 8-10 reps on that deadlift without a problem. Oh well.
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    The Dutch lowlands
    I did an unplanned sprint this morning to catch the bus. I had to run 200 meters to catch it on time.

    This afternoon I did wall-push ups. I managed to do 15-10-10 before everything started to cramp up.
    Magnesium is finally starting to work
    My story, My thought....

    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!

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    meridian stretching

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    A nap in front of the fire...maybe read a little. I'm learning that rest is equally as important as workouts...and haven't been doing enough of it.

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    go for the meridian stretching then

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