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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    Have you considered hip belt squats? Or mixing in some sumo deadlifts (assuming you pull conventional now)?

    Great bench numbers. We should have included weighted chins in the ratios. I did 3 sets of 95 x 2 the other day. I still can't get a 3rd rep though.
    Very nice on the chins! Next workout I'm gonna do 90 again. I dropped to 70lbs to get a few extra reps for a couple workouts... we'll see where I am next week. I actually was thinking about trying the sumo deadlift thing (yeah, I do conventional).

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    I have the hands of a 16 year old girl so ya I have small hands I do use alternate grip however I have no idea wat a hook grip is :P and I have thought of using straps bt im nt sure .... I do want to compete in powerlifting bt idk how ...I live in canada , do u guys have any clue how I can find a tournament or something?

    workout: deadlift day
    1.5 mile cycling warm up
    60kg x 10
    100kg x 6
    110 kg x 5/5/4(first two could have done six bt my mind was set for 5 reps :/) after last set the rest is all after each other
    100kg x 4
    93kg x 4
    84kg x 6
    70.5kg x 7
    61.5kg x 6
    52.5kg x 5
    43.5kg x 10
    leg curl: 70lb x 10
    100lb x 5....95lb x 5
    95lbx10x2 after last set , the rest is all after each other
    90lb x 4
    80lb x 6
    70lb x 7
    60lb x 5
    50lb x 10
    1 mile run until roman chair became unoccupied
    roman chair: 3 sets
    10 straight leg/ 10 bent knee/10 oblique(5 each)
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    British Columbia

    Lying DB presses x 2 sets
    Neck Dips 60lbs x 3 ( Sucked !) 40lbs x 4
    Dips-Negative only-70lbs x 7
    Push ups with Intentions BW x 6

    Lying extensions 88lbs x 5 + 2 cheats, 44lbs x 12
    Seated DB extension 35lbs x 8 slow reps, 35lbs x 12 normal reps

    Dip-Static hold in bottom position-BW to failure

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    3 mile jog....

    Oh yeah. Feel the burn!

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    British Columbia
    Just getting ready to do some S(HIT) now.......leg day, wish me luck !!!!

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    Deadlift 2x10x255
    Front Squat 2x10x135
    Weighted Chin 1x45x9 Dropset to BWx3 (really fast dropset....I had nothing left to give)
    Weighted Dips 1x70x8 Dropset to BWx10 (took about 10 seconds to get the belt off so had some reprieve)

    Felt good in this rep range, but after a couple more weeks I'm gonna bump the weights and go 6-8....then again and go 3-5. Just kinda winging it though rather than doing somebodies program. Actually I'll be bumping the weights for this workout on everything but the Dips it looks like just to stay in the rep range I'm aiming for.

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    OHP 2 sets 5x140...drop set 5x115...drop set 45x12
    Lateral raises 20'sx8
    Leg Press 2x8
    One arm rows 2 sets 75x8
    Leg Curls 2x75x8

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    Stronglifts "B" workout today.

    Squats: 5x5 @ 275 lbs
    OHP: 5x5 @ 120 lbs
    Deadlift: 1x5 @ 300 lbs

    Probably throw in some handstands, chin ups and ab work depending on how energetic I feel. Partner wrestling constituted a pretty....vigorous workout... earlier today also

    5 Rep Maxes as set so far on SL:

    Squats: 5x 330 lbs
    Bench: 5x 220 lbs
    Pendlay: 5x220 lbs
    OHP: 5x 140
    Deadlift: 5 x 350 lbs

    I went over 50% of my 5RM when starting out...cos I just couldn't justify lifting like a wuss for that many weeks. We'll see how that decision pans out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchhool View Post
    Just getting ready to do some S(HIT) now.......leg day, wish me luck !!!!
    I just spluttered my coffee!!! Hope it went well.
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