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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Gonna do some heavy bag work in sprint fashion. Probably do like 8 rounds with it. I love my HIT resistance workouts, but sometimes you just gotta beat the hell out of something.

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    Yesterday I carried approx 3-5 tonnes (estimates vary) of rocks up two flights of stairs.
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    Tweaked my left trap and general upper back extensors doing a higher rep deadlift (rep 10 got done, but 11 woulda failed). Felt it pull at the top of the motion and dropped the was the first exercise so of course I finished the workout only to not be able to turn my head or extend my neck for a couple days. I've got friends in the bus (chiropractors), so got some adjustments and my office is equipped with ultrasound and e-stim, so between all that 5 days later now I'm bout ready to get back to it. Probably gonna stick to some machine work for the first workout or two to keep the nogging stabilized and get a little work.

    I actually broke my self imposed rules to end up injured. One was not to workout if I'm less than 100%... I decided to do the DL even though I had a tweaked low back from that dumb ass lumbar extension machine in the last workout. I do think that me compensating for a weak low back led to overuse of the upper back and neck hyperextension. The other thing is I really should not go to fail on deadlift.....its the one exercise I try not to fail on, but whatever. Moving on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slog View Post
    Ergo warmup/warmup sets from empty bar up.
    Squat 3X5X135kg
    Bench 3x5x95kg
    Deadlift 1x5x177.5kg
    Chinups 3x8

    All going in the right direction, can't wait to get up the next "clean twenties". Am I the only one who does this?
    Does what? The cleans or that workout?

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    Today is the pumping iron day of the week, no heavy a$$ weights, no fixed routine, improvisation and go by the feel, very short rest periods between sets, supersets, trisets, giantsets, minimum 80 sets maybe 100, of abs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, calves and some chest/back work! Glycogen depleting, two hours, lots of sweating, down around 5 pound in water weight intra workout, and lots of tasty carbs post workout…

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    Work, Squats, Sushi. In that order.

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    New York
    Normal routine is centered around powerlifting and olympic lifting
    Monday: deadlift, barbell or dumbell rows, pullups
    Tuesday: Power cleans/jerks, snatches
    Wednesday: Front/back squats
    Thursday: same as Tues
    Friday: Bench press, dumbell benchpress or decline benchpress, dips
    At the moment no strict rep/sets, just do what i feel like at the moment, most times its either 5x5, 4x6, 3x8, or sets of 1-3 for power.
    I usually add in some kind off HIIT plyo circuits (box jump, burpee, clapping pushups, etc) and always do tabata on the rower at least once a week. Otherwise I just do what I feel like. Hiking, hill sprints, whatever.
    This week I'm taking a break from my normal lifting routine to train for a 15k race tomorrow. Today was just an easy 25 min run @ conversation pace and a lot of resting.

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    Climbed 21 floors/500 stairs in the American Lung association in Wilmington DE in 6 minutes 59 seconds this morning. Second place in the women's 50-59 age group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynna View Post
    Climbed 21 floors/500 stairs in the American Lung association in Wilmington DE in 6 minutes 59 seconds this morning. Second place in the women's 50-59 age group.
    You've inspired me to do this in Denver next February!
    It's in one of my favorite buildings, Republic Plaza!!
    56 floors...uh oh!
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    500m row
    PVC Pipe stretches
    Banded Stretches for shoulders
    10 Pushups
    10 situps
    10 airsquats

    Mobility stretches and foam rolling for squats with focus on hips flexors, and hamstrings.

    Wendler 5 rep (week 1) day for squat

    Warmup Sets
    5  160
    5  200
    3  240

    Work Sets
    5  260
    5  300
    5+  340 (went 6 reps new PR)


    21-15-9 rep scheme for time
    KB Swings @ 70lbs.


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