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    Apr 2012
    Auckland, New Zealand.
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    Bench (4x5x65) (1x5x67.5)-PR
    OHP: 5x5x42.5
    Barbell Row: 5x5x40
    Dip: 3x10x12
    Barbell Curl: 3x10x15
    Hanging Leg Raises: 3x15-20

    Today's was awesome; new PR on the bench and plenty of energy for the OHP and rows. Gonna try to create a journal after Uni today to properly keep track of this stuff.

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    Cardio: 8 stair run, 4 warm-ups pyramiding up intensity, and 4 high intensity sprints around 85-90 % of max. Then 5 hill-sprints X 30 sec. at 90 % intensity. Finishing with fartslek on beach for 30 minutes. Usually I do this routine in the early morning, but today I did it at the middle of the day to improve my tan a little...
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    6-mile easy pace run.
    Bench Press: 195lbs, 3x5
    Standing Overhead Press: 120lbs, 3x5
    Back Squats: 205lbs, 3x5
    Power Cleans: 125lbs, 3x5
    Bike Intervals: 10 Sets, 40:10 Sprints

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    Assuming it all goes right:

    Squats: 3 x 5 x 305
    Press: 3 x 5 x 137.5
    Deadlift: 1 x 5 x 375
    Chin-ups: whatever
    Bicep curls: whatever

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    Lancaster, PA
    Pushups: 5x20
    Walking: 6.5 miles
    Sledghammer on an old tire: 8 minutes
    Kettlebell swings: 3x20x40

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    Snorkelling off of kaanapali Maui: 60 minutes 15 of which I followed the biigest mama sea turtle ive seen and ive been snorkelling in the islands a looong time.
    Pushups: 4 x15
    situps: 3 x 50
    Waterslide 3x :-)

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    Walked the moors for 4 hours in Yorkshire, England today. Tomorrow we will ride horses in the same fields I rode 40 years ago.

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    Wifey and I went to the park today and did Tabata sprints. Felt like hammered sh*t at the end. It was AWESOME!

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    2 rounds:
    5 min jump rope
    4 min passing ball from between feet to hands(abs)
    3 min close push ups
    2 min floor wipers
    1 min reverse crunch
    30 sec rest between rounds otherwise no rest

    Just ordered a slackline as well.
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    Leg day... Funny anecdote that most who have been lifting a while can relate to:

    I set up my weights for a lift. Get under knowing I'm gonna hit 8 reps. Do doubt... I mean, got it last time for 8 so really shooting for more. Get to 6 and I'm thinking WTF is wrong with me, shit shouldn't be this tough! Alright you (insert negative motivational self talk here) MAN THE F UP!.... So just barely Eek out 8. Get up all pissed off. Hell if I'm getting weaker I may as well be sitting on my couch eating bon bons! Huff puff and general feeling like crap.... then you start to take the weights of. WELL!!! WOOOPS! Apparently addition not my strong suit cause I put on 20lb more weight than I thought. New PR! The clouds part, sun comes out.... I'm freaking He-Man. Damn I'm strong! Ah, the emotional rollercoaster of being a complete numb nutz.

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