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    Aug 2011
    Far Side of Hard
    Bench Press: 200 lbs 1x3 , 190lbs, 2x5
    Standing Overhead Press: 115lbs, 3x5
    ATG Squats: 195lbs, 3x5
    Power Cleans: 135lbs, 3x5

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    Deadlift: 1x167.5kg (~370lbs) new PR
    Front squat: 1x85 Technically also new PR, but only because I've just started on front squats recently.
    Bench: 1x84kg. With a narrower grip than usual.
    Rows: 6x5x50kg supersetted with the bench.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmsmall View Post
    BBS/Superslow at TruFit in Denver:
    Leg extension to failure up to 80# 2.5 min
    Static leg curl 30 sec 50% effort, 30 sec 75%, 30 sec "100%"
    Back machine 3 min
    Leg press 200# 2:12 to failure
    Lat 145# 2+ min to failure
    Chest press 90 2+ min to failure
    Seated row 55# 2 min static hold (owwwwww)
    Stupid ab machine 2 min (basically already burned, this one is not progressing)
    I have no idea what I just read

    Today I went down to the stream/rivery thing at the bottom of my yard, jumped in, and ran/walked/jumped/swam/climbed along it till I could go no further. Takes about an hr. Along the way are various challenges. For instance, do I go in that cold deep water or do I climb the tree beside it and swing to the other side? Decisions decisions. Climbed and swung along many a tree, crawled(sometimes actually under the water) to get under barbed wire fencing, navigated various dangerous heights to find a good route and generally got stratched, stung and poked alot. Did alot of pushing, pulling, crawling, squatting through the woody areas. When I got to the end, I had to climb up a massive railing to get across. I used just my arms for extra challenge.

    Then I got to woody area. Sprinted up the hills when I felt like, quickly grabbing onto to things when I slipped, used the trees to hoik myself up levels, climbed rocks, ran across fields, did pull ups on tree branches. Have a range of cuts and scratches to show for my efforts. Good time though, took about 3 hrs overall, but I did stop for a while to sleep under a tree.

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    Far Side of Hard
    8-mile easy pace run.
    Standing OH Press: 115lbs, 3x5
    Back Squats: 205lbs, 3x5
    Calf Raises: 385lbs, 3x10
    Power Cleans: 115lbs, 3x5
    Bike Inervals: 10 Sets of 40:10 Sprints

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    Auckland, New Zealand.

    • Bench (1x10x40) (1x8x55) (1x5x60) (1x5x62.5) (3x5x65)
    • Squat (5x55) (5x60) (5x5x65) ---- Yes, go for extra time on the Squat
    • OHP (5x5x42.5)
    • Row (5x5x42.5)
    • Dips (3x10x12)
    • Leg Raises (2x15) (1x20)

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    Yesterday I went on a 5 mile hike through ankle to knee deep water. Have been wearing Vibrams and crocs for the last few months and realized wearing shoes while hiking sucks. Ended up taking my shoes of and going barefoot the last mile and a half. Those shoes get heavy when full of mud and water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocco Hill View Post
    I have no idea what I just read
    Its called HIT

    Works well for people who have shit to do so wanna get everything they can out of a session and get on with life.

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    Two or three days per week (sometimes 4) I spend about an hour or two (sometimes 3) taking turns on a Slackline. This is the most fun core workout I have ever seen! I have never sweat so much standing still. There are numerous ways to get huge benefit using the line. Besides standing and walking on the line, you can sit, do push-ups, jump start, arm press, walk backward, and do yoga poses (super core workouts!). We've been doing Slackline two and a half months now, and we love it!
    Began Primal Living: 25 Sep 2012
    Starting Weight: 82kg (180 lbs) - Lost 30 lbs since going Primal!

    "I do not eat enough carbs to justify eating low-fat."
    "Have some bread with your bread, pasta, bread, and HFCS." - Unicorn
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    Hong Kong
    barefoot DLs

    1x5x225 (conventional)
    3x1x315 (sumo)
    2x1x337 (sumo)
    2x1x360 (sumo)
    Few but ripe.

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    Brighton UK
    Primal Blueprint Expert Certification
    Complete clean of 3 bedroom house
    15 mins weighted hula hoop
    8 mile bike ride

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