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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Ellyptical 2 mile (elevation 13, resistance 5) 15:53
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    Due to work I have to fragment my workout.

    Every hour I do a combo of 25-30 push ups min.
    30 squats or lunges
    5 flights of stairs (rotate with the squats/lunges)
    Abs - Planks (10 - 20 minutes)

    By the end of the day I do between 175-200 push-ups, 175-200 squats, 15 minutes of planks and 3-5 times on the stairs. I sit all day so I have to break it down to keep energy levels up.
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    bent db row 3x10
    bench 3x10
    squat 3x10
    pull ups
    chin ups
    calf raise
    hammer curl

    My hamstrings are officially ANNIHILATED

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    4.5 mile run. Coughing up Afghan dust for an hour counts as my Ab work.

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    Today maybe a rest day. Last night was 3 sets of 10 half handstand pressups and 3 sets of 20 flat straight leg raises as per convict conditioning.
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    Back and biceps day.

    Bent over rows - 8-6-4-4-8
    Pullups - 3 sets to failure plus two negatives
    Shrugs - 3 sets
    Rear Deltoid dumbbell raises - 2 sets
    Super set for biceps - 2 sets of standing dumbbell curls/2 sets of incline dumbbell curls. No rest between the 4 sets.
    Hammer curls - 1 set

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    Ruckrun today.

    5.5 miles with 35 lbs rucksack. 59:14 was my time.

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    Where did everyone go????


    Squats - 6 sets
    Deadlift - 3 sets
    Standing Calf raises - 2 sets
    Squatting calf raises - 2 sets

    The squatting calf raises are something I came up with a few years ago. They are great for helping to increase flexibility, but also really hit the soleus and some other smaller muslces in the lower leg. You squat all the way down, the Grok Squat as I've heard some on here call it. In-country it's most oftern called the Hajji Squat. I know, not PC. Anyway, you place a dumbbell on your legs so it's cradled between your knees and chest. Put a hand on a bench for stability. The ONLY joint which moves is your ankle. Leave your butt down. Raise up onto your toes and back down until your heels are on the ground. It's a smoker. The burn gets really deep.

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    Bench press was the mission today, and I set a new PR

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    30 close grip pull ups + 50 diamond push ups + 50 air squats (simply fit routine).
    30 dips + some core work.
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