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    Zip. Nada. Just trying to stay awake long enough to pick up my wife, have dinner and hibernate for about 15 hours to get back to day schedule.
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    Nothing today, but yesterday did my first ever "muscle up" on the rings at crossfit. So stoked!!!!
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    I went for a 45 minute walk while I was dialed into a conference call. After work I did a 45 minute light jog.

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    Impressive. Congrats!
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    Last night I did 8 30 second row sprints (average distance 120m. Damn feet kept falling out of the straps) and then some basic weights and grok squats. I need to adjust my rowing sprints. I forgot that you need a few seconds to actually get up to sprinting speed on an erg. Oops.

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    Pull ups, curls, rows, preacher curls, Bent over row, pull over.

    40 minutes of slow jogging.

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    2 x 3 mile, race pace walks AND
    Upper body workout which included:
    CHEST: 20 Pushups
    BACK: 1 arm dumbell row x 20
    SHOULDERS: Military press x 20
    BICEPS: Curls x 20
    TRICEPS: Kickbacks

    And finished off the workout with :30 minutes of core strengthening exercises on the yoga ball and floor (planks, walk out planks etc.

    And here's my EXCITING NEWS! For the very first time in 5 YEARS, I JUMPED up from a squatting position, over a plank and onto the other side. This is groundbreaking for me as I have a severely herniated disc that has just started to heal since going primal. And I believe it's finally healing because I have reduced inflammation of the body through restricting wheat, oils, genetically modified foods and sugar.
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    Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
    Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

    Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.

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    Todays workout:
    4 sets of incline press
    2 sets of flat bench
    about an hour of walking
    I'm a bit of a gym rat, I lift 5 days a week-- but I keep my workouts to about 20-25 minutes and focus on compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, presses).

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    Decided to do a custom workout under my garage.

    Started with push ups and pull ups off a wooden beam - 20 push ups followed by 5 pull ups, which lowered to 3 pull ups per 20 until I couldn't do any more. Didn't count the sets. Prooooooobably should have.
    Then I decided to make use of my environment and do a custom weight workout for muscles that could be applied practically. Filled a couple of bags with wood and worked my shoulders, lifting them up to the side of my head for 5 sets of 10. Ouch. Then did some custom deadlifts with the wood chopping block - basically by lifting it up, holding, then lowering. Again: ouch. Then I managed to find a wooden bar. Not sure what it was doing there, but hey, there it was. So I attached the two bags previously used to either side, added a bit more wood per bag and performed 5 sets of 10 squats. OOOOOOOUCH.

    This was followed by a hasty stumble upstairs and the downing of a weakly made Paleo-protein shake (doing Whole30 this month - no Whey allowed, and had short time) of two egg whites, a banana and some strawberries. This was followed quickl by a big ass meal of portobello steak mushroom burgers and a whopping bowl of sweet potato fries - using the leftover yolk as an oil.

    Wow. Gotta say, right now, body is aching. Gonna feel that tommorow. But at the same time... Damn, I feel awesome.

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