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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    VO2max kettlebell snatch 16 kg. 15/15
    40 sets x 7 reps
    20 sets x 8 reps
    Total = 440 snatches

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    Monday: Too much rain so I couldn't sprint. Stayed indoors and did:
    Ab Planks 3 1-Minute Sets per side (Front, Left, Right)
    Then a circuit of 10 Medicine Ball Slams, 100 Revolutions of Skip Rope; 10 Box Steps Per Leg, No Rest in Between. Did 10 Rounds.
    Medicine Ball was 15 Pounds and Box was 2-feet high.

    Tuesday: 2 hours of Krav Maga

    Wednesday: Sunny, so outside workout called Swings & Sprints:
    Used a 35-pound kettlebell for the swings and the distance between the kettlebell and pullup bar was about 60 yards. Did all the sprints as fast as I could instead of as an active recovery. Maxed out on all the pullups, so 8 each round.
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    Today will be 1 hour walk or 2 30 minute walks... I have worked my ass off the past 3 days and will do so again tomorrow. Then its Chicago
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    Squats (135 x 8; 145 x 6; 155 x 6; 155 x 6; 155 x 6; 155 x 5) - I really need to go heavier, but I don't want to pull anything. I have changed my method a little and I now do a Russian hold at the bottom of the squat for 2-3 seconds before returning to the top position. Quite challenging actually.

    Dumbbell Burpees with pushup at bottom and military press at top as fast as possible for 30 seconds (35 x 5; 35 x 5; 40 x 5; 40 x 5)
    30 second rest
    Dumbbell front swings (like kettlebell swings) as fast as possible with explosion at top for 30 seconds (35 x 6; 35 x 6; 35 x 6; 35 x 6)
    1 minute rest
    Dips (bodyweight) (10; 10; 10; 10; 10)
    15 second rest
    Pull ups (bodyweight) (5; 5; 5; 5; 5)
    15 second rest
    Dumbbell Deadlifts (35 x 10; 35 x 10; 40 x 10; 40 x 10; 40 x 10)

    Dumbbell triceps extension (15x15; 20x12; 25x10; 30x8)
    15 second rest
    Dumbbell biceps standing curl with twist (15x15; 20x12; 25x10; 30x8)

    HIIT method on recumbent bike during rest intervals for a total of 20 minutes, including a 5 minute warm up prior to lifting.
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    As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
    3 Ring Dips
    2 Pull-ups
    1 Knees-to-elbows
    Post total rounds.

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    Spinning class!

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    May 2010
    Going to do some sprints and probably some mobility drills.

    In the coming days I want to video a workout for my blog too.
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    Generallly 4 sets with 8 reps, but this can change depending on whether or not straight sets or pyramiding of some kind.

    Military Press (increase to 150 lbs)
    Lateral Flies (straight sets (ss) of 50lbs dumbells)
    Bent over flies (ss of either 50s or 35s)
    Front raises (ss of either 50s or 35s)
    Bench rows one arm at a time (ss of 65lbs)
    Shrugs (ss of 65lbs)

    Flat bench (increase to 225 lbs)
    Decline bench (increase to 225 lbs)
    Incline bench (increase to 180 lbs)
    Flat bench flies (ss of 50s)
    Pull-overs (increase to 115 lbs - if I feel like it that day)

    Hammer curls (ss of 65s)
    curls (ss of 50s)
    Easy bar reverse grip curls (ss of 105lbs)
    Concentration curls (ss of 35s)

    Skullcrushers (increase to 130 lbs)
    Bench dips (ususally increasing reps - if I feel like it either 1 or 2 45lbs plate on my lap)
    Over the head hammer extensions (ss of 50lbs or 35lbs dumbell)
    Over the head palm down extensions (ss of 35lbs dumbell)
    Cable push downs (unknown weight - used mainly to get that burn feeling)

    Wide grip pull ups (can do 2-3, but the rest are chair assisted - weight =275lbs)
    Inside grip pull ups (can do 2-3, but the rest are chair assisted - weight =275lbs)
    Bent over rows (increase to 185lbs)
    Torso raises (would have a 45lbs plate in my arms but lack of space does not allow for it)

    Every 3 days (or so):
    One leg squats (body weight - buying a power rack soon)
    Leg extensions (ss of 205lbs)
    Hamstring curls (ss of 135lbs)
    Calf raises (body weight - single foot at a time)

    Every workout day:
    Leg lifts

    I have been lifting weights (sometimes intermittently) since I was 12, and I have realized in my old age that rest days just happen, so I gave up trying to schedule them. So as a result I could go 2 weeks without a rest, or be force to have multiple rest days in a row. This way there is no stress about missing a workout, or trying to get oneself back to a routine. I have no aspirations of a pro career so I actually lift for fun.

    You will notice that Cardio is missing ... heart condition and asthma essentially eliminate it ... along with any cardio type sports.


    PS first post - thanks Mark - thanks guy in burgundy tank top in the CarletonU gym for pointing me this way.

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    25 minutes of push-up bars, dumbbells, and body weight exercises separated by jumping jacks in an interval training pattern.

    And I'm going to run as fast as I can down a really long hill as I can and then do the same on the way up. That's far more grueling than I can seem to do with my indoor routines.
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    WOW Started2k3 every workout is upper body and shoulders get worked at least 3 times a week!! you cant do a bodybuilding routine like this and expect to recover properly. 4 sets, 5 - 6 exercises and then same muscle group the same day is textbook overtraining. unles you are working like 50% intensity in which case there is no point in lifting weights.

    find a different split. 3 days a week is perfect, for example a Push - Pull - Legs or 5x5. both can be googled. also incorporate more leg work. you can do front squats with an ez bar and walking lunges and squats with dumbells.

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