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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Nothing absolutely nothing, other than pushing the plane of out the hanger so I could fly to Kona for the day.
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    Did this one on Wednesday night... I could barely walk through the gym after.

    Seated Hamstring curls 3x10 tempo 50X0 120sec rest
    Heavy squats with progressive overload 5x5 superset with high jumps 5x8 3 min rest
    Standing calve raise 3x10 superset with Kettle weighted toe jumps 3x30 90sec rest
    Quad extensions with actively pointed toes 3x20 60sec rest
    Seated single calve raise 3x20 60sec rest

    I love this routine. It's just plain old 100% BRUTAL!!!!

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    working nighshift this week so my schedule is messed up.....lastnights/today's plan

    2x10 Front Squat @ 185
    5x5 @ 245 Front Squat
    5x5 Weighted Deadhang Pullups
    5x5 Weighted Dips
    5x5 Standing Overhead Strict Press Barbell @ 155lbs
    30 Hanging Toes to Bar

    Legs are feeling weak today, probably hitup a small 5-10 mile mountain bike ride.

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    Just finished SimpleFit Level 4, Day 3:

    For time
    21 pull ups
    41 push ups
    41 squats

    I did it in 2 minutes, 58 seconds. Anything under 5 minutes is a good time, and if you do that on the 3rd day, you move up to the next level. I'll be starting Level 5 on Monday.

    Later, I'll be lifting:

    1x5, then 2x3
    Bench press - 145 lbs., 160 lbs.
    Squat - 125 lbs., 140 lbs.

    And 3x5
    Bent-over rows - 175 lbs.

    My squat and bench numbers are low for two different reasons. I hadn't been benching for a little while because I didn't have a spotter, but I've decided to add it back in. I can always roll the bar off of me if I need to. I never really did squats as part of my routine, so I started out at a lower weight to make sure I get my form correct.
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    Alrighty, back from San Diego. Even though I injured my back before the trip, I still managed to walk 2-3 miles every day in the morning. It's still a little sore, so no barbell work until next week at the earliest.

    AM: Walked the dog 2 miles
    Ellyptical (elevation 10, resistance 3, s/m 220) 25:00

    PM: Three Rounds

    TRX Rows x 20
    Push Ups x 50
    Flutter Kicks x 40
    Pull Ups x 10
    Dips x 20
    Jump Ropes x 50
    Kettlebell Swings x 20
    Alternating Jumping Lunges x 10 each side
    Double Kettlebell Presses x 10
    TRX Pistols x 10 each side
    Dumbell Curls x 8 each side
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    30 seconds each of straight-arm plank, static squat, and hollow rock hold, 10 rounds.

    Good news is that I have some temp work next week, so I should be able to afford gym fees for July. I miss my barbells.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invictus14 View Post
    First Day of a Three Day Cycle:
    150 Total Push-ups
    Caveat - start with 8 x Dead Lift (185/155#) and execute at the top of every minute
    Time - 9:40 (185#)
    Day Two:
    200 Total Squats
    Caveat - start with 8 x Push-Press (115/75#) and execute at the top of every minute
    Day Three:
    250 Total Double Unders (750 singles)
    Caveat - start with 8 x Hang Cleans (115/75#) and execute at the top of every minute

    I will post times for the next two days, I know it sounds confusing.
    Day 2:

    Day 3:
    18:41/115# (this one was the hardest)
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    Running 13 miles down a mountain... in vibrams... while nearly 11 weeks pregnant and diabetic.
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    AM: Walked the dog 2 miles
    Ellyptical 2 mile (elevation 12, Resistance 5) 15:08
    1 mile treadmill run: 8:22

    PM: Three Rounds

    Kettlebell Snatch x 10 each side
    KettleBell Press x 7 each side
    Push Ups off Kettlebells x 20
    Chin Ups x 10
    Kettlebell Front Squats x 10

    Trial 7: Push Ups – 105
    Trial 8: Pull Ups – 31
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    Tomorrow - moving house out of a 4th floor walkup. Functional fitness baby!
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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