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    I'm sure this has been reported before....but, I'm doing 12 oz curls tonight. All future posts under this name should be evaluated with that in mind.

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    Yesterday did tabata style training at CrossFit:
    20 secs on 10 secs off, 4 rounds.
    1 minute rest between sets.
    1. 10 kg sledgehammer hits on tyre
    2. Box jumps (stepups for me, since I have a slight injury)
    3. Farmer walks (carrying 2 x 16 kg kbs, 200 m) (this we had 2 mins for)
    4. Front squats 20 kg
    5. Push press 20 kg
    Did 159 reps in total. It was tough, but an awesome workout.

    Rest today, yah!

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    Just purchased a Prowler. Did 6 forty yard push/sprints with weight on the sled. Can't believe how much this blows you up. 15 minute workout and after a shower I'm still sweating. I'll increase the number of sprints as my stamina increases.

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    Feeling good enough to actually start moving again today. Did the following for three untimed rounds, nice and easy, clear the lungs and such:

    TRX Rows x 10
    Divebomber Push Ups x 10
    Vee Ups x 10
    Chin Ups x 10
    Jump Ropes x 50
    Kettlebell Snatches x 10 each side
    TRX Pistols x 10
    24" Box Jumps x 10

    Felt pretty good, although I did get fatigued pretty quick. Will pick up the pace a little tomorrow.
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    Started again, 5k run today. going to slowly progress again

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    Ok so I bought the Zumba box set today and wanted to try out the entire X4 workouts with enthusiasm, took me 2 1/2 hours - very funky fun workout, but very stiff tonight, not use to working those kind of muscles....But enjoyed it so much
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    10k run.

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    Did some light deadlift practice first
    5 x 10 at 40 kg

    5 rounds:
    60 secs on the bike (everyone else did 200 m run, but I have a sore leg)
    5 x Sumo Deadlift high pull 30 kg
    10 x Ring dips (blue band)
    20 x Air squats
    Was an awesome workout.

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    Some mobility and skill work with kipping pullups and supline ring rows (body completely parallel to floor)

    5x3 heavy snatches. PR'ed at 125lb x 3

    6 RFT
    24 situps
    12 burpees (extra emphasis on jumping as high as possible, not little hops)
    6 pistols (3 per leg)


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    I done morning walk today in fresh and cool air ...
    and now also looking for some other workout which i wanna do right now,
    Power cleans and push press
    Weighted Dips
    Weighted Pullups

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