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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    60 minutes of Walking 10.0 incline 3.2 mph

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    Sep 2011
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    I won't be training today but my last workout was on 17th September when I did one set of weighted chins to positive, static and negative failure and one set of deadlifts to positive failure which took 2 minutes and 50 seconds altogether. I'll be doing 30 mins on the Concept 2 rowing machine on 20th September and I'll be gunning for my PB and then weights again on 23rd September.

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    Great Madcow yesterday, no failures!!!

    SQT (126 lbs max); WO: 215 lbs; LO: 265 lbs; BP (82 lbs!!! max); BBR (89 lbs max), pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, a couple of sets of Inverted rows; but deltoids were not so great, only 2 sets with 17.5 and crappy.
    Stretched for 40 min while the kiddo was playing and splashed with her in a pool for a bit. Also, managed to lift myself in a back bow, WOOT!!!! Last time I did it, I was a teenager.
    Stroll with the family through the park - actually a good long stroll.

    I do not want to talk about my 5th rep on 82 lbs, the side-wayness, the groaning and the sliding on the bench things, but it was a rep, not just rack. So, trying 83 now!!!!!

    the most amazing thing: not tired today, because lifting was 1st thing yesterday, and I ate like a champ!

    It's raining though, so I am thinking we'll go play in the pool today with the kiddo instead of playground. If I take it easy today, I will be able to do a Madcow with DL tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, I am running out of exclamation marks, so I better stop. But, boy, I am so happy with my Madcow this time. Sheesh, the 95 lbs lift-off on the bench ain't feeling that bad no more either. Coul;d be I am only a few months away from 95 lbs bench. Yes?
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    1hr 35 mins walking dogs

    then usual 3xreps of 20 air squats, 20 lunges, 20 supermans, 60sec planks, 20 dumbell rows, 10 assisted push ups, 1 pull up & 2 chins up,

    Then pull up or chin up whenever I walk past door bar - combo of 4 so far today.

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    I'm doing P90X Back and Biceps today. 3rd day in my dorm, where I don't have a pull-up bar, but I can set up some bands/homemade TRX straps to simulate.

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    Sunday,10k run incorporating 0.8 mile steep hill (the"Wizard", Alderley Edge) about a third of the way round,killer.

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    Walked the dog 2 miles

    Yoga 90:00

    Kenpo 60:00
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    Yay Leida!! Are you sure you are ready to tackle the 83 lbs, given that your 82 lbs was not perfect? ;-) Remember strength training is a lifelong journey, not a sprint! Don't hurt yourself, girl! :-) Do you have any back/shoulder pain? Sometimes I wonder, I'm pretty strong for my size already, am I doing more harm than good pushing the weights like I do? 'Cause I'm like you, I'll be crying with agony before I tap out. Buuuut, is that good!??

    Saturday: Meant to do Crossfit with my man, but we got lost and they had already started. But we DID accidently come across this great park with some dirt trails, so we chased each other around in our matching Vibrams, did some sprints and some inverted rows and push-ups for about an hour. Love my man :-) :-)

    Sunday: 24 mile bikeride with dad, took us 2hrs. 62 and he's still got it!

    115x5, 130x5, 145x11 Glute Bridge (sweet! 1 more rep than last time.)
    40x5x5, 30x10x1, 45x7x1 OH Press (I want to get better but they seem even WORSE! Did lots of sets instead...)
    8x4 Push Ups
    12x3 Glute "Wall Pushes"
    7x2 Dips, guy was yelling at me, PUUUUSH IT!! He thought I was 30. Uhhh... Barely 21 buddy, thanks... ;-)
    + more biking, because I am an ADDICT! Tomorrow I get to watch my boyfriend make his first loaf of coconut flour bread. He's doing very well with diet considering he lives on a naval base. .. Do any military men reading this, he uses a "crockpot" that cooks in the microwave. A whole rotiserrie in 20 minutes! Really great for the circumstance...

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    Sunday was a lifting day - unfortunately it was also a drop-a-45-pound-plate-on-my-foot day. Someone overloaded one of the weight stands at the gym so a 45 lb plate was just barely hanging on the edge, and when I went to take another plate off... well, ouch... still managed to squat(weight hit near the toes so I could push off the middle/back of the foot pain-free) on it and finish the workout.

    Was worried it might be broken last night, but it's definitely improving and I'm going to give it another day or two and see how it goes. I'm not going to do any running/sprinting until I'm sure it's okay - so I went to the gym and did an interval session on the bike there. I really need to get a fluid trainer for my road bike for when it's dark/raining/ridiculously cold outside. The bikes at the gym just don't fit me well.

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    Wendler 5/3/1 with 30 minute walk

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