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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Aug 2011
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    My workouts consist of walking my dog and baby and T-Tapp which is ridiculously simple, and yet, difficult and effective. I have not really gotten into the nuts and bolts of PB workout style, but I love my workouts, they are challenging yet energizing, I take time off if I want/need and I still see results, sooooo I guess I'm not going to mess with it. Oh, and it cured my lifetime chronic knee pain as well as dropped all my post-pregnancy inch gain in a matter of 2 months!

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    Mar 2011
    Walked the dog 2 miles
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    Jul 2011
    Squats, pull-ups, medicine ball slams, push-ups, back fly/row, and some jump rope.

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    Sep 2011
    It's just my hand and I've got 2 maybe 3 weeks left. I take it off and use a neoprene splint to swim and can use some machines the same way. Sledgehammers, Jump ropes, Push-ups, and Sit-ups. I still feel my workout from lunchtime.

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    Bought my first kettlebell and worked out with it yesterday. By dinnertime I was so sleepy I had to take a nap before dinner. I think I may have to start eating breakfast if I'm going to be doing weights! I skipped my morning workout today but will have a table tennis lesson this afternoon. I do love the kettlebell!

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    Hurray! KBs are addictive. Wow, you can take naps, I am sooooo envious of anyone who can take naps.
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    Cross Fit:
    Warm up: 5 minute bike, 10 shoulder dislocates, 3 burgeners w/pvc, 10 overhead squats w/pvc, 10 push ups (knee), 10 hip extensions
    Workout: 30 each-squats, box jumps, sit ups, kettlebells (20#), burpees, ring rows (subbed for pull ups), and wall balls (8#)

    Then 2.5 mile hike with 15 pound pack.
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    Meh. Pulled my R groin. Gotta sit out for a bit.

    Went to physical therapy and worked upper body and torso rotation with the Thera-band.

    Therapist says I should be good to go by Sunday.
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    May 2011
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    5 rounds of:
    10 weighted knee rolls (20 pounds of sand on a desk chair, get into plank with your feet and shins on desk chair, roll desk chair toward your chest, pushit out again)
    10 superwoman planks with elbow-knee tucks on each side (get into plank, lift up right arm and left leg like you're about to fly away, then tuck them both under your body, stretch them out again repeat)
    10 sandbag situps with 20 pounds
    10 sandbag duck-unders (back and forth under an imaginary bar at chest level)
    10 commando pushups (start lying down, push up & tuck one knee to your chest, back down again)
    10 side-to-side burpees
    10 side crunches on each side
    10 knee hug situps (legs don't touch the ground in between)
    10 L-sit knee raises
    10 side plank lifts each side

    Abs killer. Totally love it. Plus some kind of tabata after--usually side to side squat jumps and jump lunges and the like. Great for a rainy day.

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    Sep 2011
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    Xstretch...working out a pinched nerve in my back that has been bothering me for almost two months. yoga last night really helped.
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