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    sandbag thrusters, stationary low lunges, around the worlds..........ouchy, but groovy too.
    some yoga warrior flows thrown in too

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    Walked the dog 2.2 miles

    Five Rounds:
    Side to Side Crawling Pushups x 10
    Vee Ups x 10
    Dumbell Rows x 10 each side
    Kettlebell Snatches x 10 each side
    Jump Rope x 50
    Predator Jr. Band Lat Pulls x 10
    One Legged Squats x 10 each side
    Mountain Climbers x 10 each side

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    Worked on some handstand pushup prep.
    Heavy front squats 5x5

    100 kb swings
    40 lunges
    100 jumping rope

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    Stepped into the rack and free-balled it. Put up a few sets, finishing with two reps of my heaviest weight ever, and I benched a little, free-balled again, and barely squeezed two reps at pr weight.

    I love to free-ball it in the rack, I just go with how I wanna go, and I get a good lift session in.

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    Warmup: stationary bike 5 minutes, 10 shoulder dislocates, 3 bergerner warm ups, 10 overhead squats w/pvc, 10 pushups (knees), 10 hip extensions, 10 back squats w/30 pound bar

    Workout: 3-3-3-3-3-3 back squats (from 50 up to 75 lbs)
    then 3 rounds: 30 side hops (my jump rope sub), 26 lunges (13 each side); and 10 pushups

    Other work: 30 situps and 12 ring rows

    2.5 mile hike (2.5 mph pace)
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    I'm going to play for the first time in months! Between work (up at 7, home by 5), getting ready to workout, actually working out, and then cooking dinner and preparing my lunch, I only get 2 hours a day (and its dark by then) to do stuff I like to do. So today I'm leaving work early and playing basketball with my brothers.

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    Mine will be a nap!

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    Okay, turmoil here with daughter's school schedules, buses, CRAZY! So, from Tuesday on, I am working mornings in the office, and telecommuting in the faternoon, after getting back to suburbia and dropping kid off to he Kindergarden and before picking her up. My workout times will be AFTER I picvked her up and dropped her back in the day care, ~ 3:30 till 5:30 Mon-Thursday. And on Friday, I will get the only day when I will hopefully have a reliable access to the weight lifting equipment, from ~ 12:45 till 13:45. SO, my workouts will either have to be split, with lifting Friday, Sat, Sunday, and managing OHP day somehow with the high school crowding gym during the rest of the week (i.e. switching from Madcow to Wendler), or 2 Madcow workouts with heavy squats on Friday and Sunday, and accidental lifting (whatever equipment I can get to) + KB one more time a week. At least KBs are never busy, thanks goodness. We'll see next week.

    With all the stress of the last minute cancelations and re-arranging and asking for my telecomuting option, all I could fit was a walk on Wednesday, and a Madcow yesterday (a GREAT madcow though!!!), and some 3 to 4 hours in the garden, with about 2 solid hours of stripping sod and rolling heavy wheel barrow up the hill to the garage to store the sod to throw away gradually.

    Today, a cold storm this morning (fall has come), so no walk, but it will ease up at lunch, so I will be able to walk, & if it stays fair, I will finish my flower bed (empty composter and lay compost & dirt) & move some plants around to fill up the bed. If not, then KB's. This week I might miss KBs, but well, I will have to take what I can from now on!

    Thanks for the tip on Luna bars! I might have to keep one in the car from now on, since my schedules will become really tight!!! Scratch that - apparently they are soy-protein based. I guess, it will be a can of sardines and eggs
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    Leida... LARA bars, not Luna, there's a big difference. :-)

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    Duh. I tried LARA bars search and only found the cookie-type bars, with high carbs and low protein. In order not to clutter the thread, could you give me the specific name for the ones you like via PM? Thank you!!!
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