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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Mar 2011
    Worcester, UK
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    Restarting the pushup challenge today, so did 30 pushups this morning, then had a little run around the garden with the rabbits doing their training, then rode my bike to the stables, had an hour long horse riding lesson, then did the trail ride on the bike with my friend and rode home. Do I feel like doing more today? Kinda, actually yes. Might clean my room and do some pilates or yoga.
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    Had a long 106 km bike ride in the heat yesterday so opted to run some (fasted) sprints today followed by some medicine ball core work. Then I ate!(wink)

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    BR, wow, congrats on your weight loss! Do you count calories/carb cycle while doing Wendler?

    Skipped yesterday, so took off for the gym this morning. I don't know how most of you guys do training without food -- When I have a good mix of carb/protein/fat, I've got SO much more energy and I don't feel like a sack of crap after my workout. ;-)

    105x5, 125x5, 145x9 Glute Bridge
    60#x5x10 Walking Lunge
    3x3 Pull Ups
    3x5 Dips
    + handstands
    + ~10m biking

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    Mar 2011
    Walked the dog 1 mile (she just didn't want to go too far today)

    Power Cleans 5x5
    Push Press 5x5
    Parallel Grip Lat Pull Downs 5x5
    Barbell Curl 3x8
    Knees to Chest 3 Ways (Left, Middle, Right) 3x10
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    I had a good workout today. It's amazing how training 17 hours fasted actually makes you stronger than when you're fed a few hours beforehand. I added 5 pounds to almost all my workouts today and felt great doing it. I do reverse pyramid training and it's working better than any training regimen I've done thus far.

    6 X 240
    6 X 230
    8 X 220

    Shoulder Press
    5 X 120
    6 X 110
    8 X 100

    Military Press
    4 X 145
    5 X 135
    9 X 125

    Standing Curls
    4 X 100
    6 X 90
    8 X 80

    Reverse Preacher Curls
    5 X 75
    6 X 70
    12 X 65

    Dumbbell Curls
    4 X 45
    5 X 40
    6 X 35
    8 X 30

    Total workout time: 45 minutes

    And the post-workout meal:

    350g white potato
    200g sweet potato
    12oz Trader Joe's super lean ground turkey (2g fat/lb) stuffed with hot green chili and parsley
    A nice dill pickle spear
    Hot sauce on the side for dipping

    Total Nutrition:
    2g total fat
    105.4g total carbohydrate
    89.1g protein
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    Quote Originally Posted by primal_jessjane View Post
    BR, wow, congrats on your weight loss! Do you count calories/carb cycle while doing Wendler?
    I use LeanGains fasting protocol. On lifting days I will up my carbs to around 100g's. On walking days carbs are <50g's.

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    Today I'll do a 40 min walk, then the 30 Day Shred. If I feel like it I'll do some bench presses tonight.

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    a few KMs on the bike (no flat this time! yay!) followed by 20 minutes flexing out in the sunshine. Did a few bicep curls with the free weights, and that was about it.
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    60 minutes of Walking 10.0 incline 3.0 mph

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    The worst part of my weekend was doubting if I am harming my progress... I was just not my usual self, not sure if it was a lack of sleep or being on the verge of over-training.

    Kettlebells on Saturday, had to take short breaks between supersets, and only did one set of TGUs. I will need to switch next week to 20 lbs on the overhead and windmills super-set, because right hand is bored. I will just drop the resps to 6, and start building up to 12. Left will just have to suck it up. Good progress on the 1-legged deadlifts, 3x10, this week go to 3x12, and it will be time to up to 30 lbs. I have never done anything with 30 lbs kettlebells, so kindda exciting! a bunch of light yardwork.

    Sunday: Madcow. SQT (max @118), BP (max @80), BBR (F @82). Supports: deltoids raises @15 lbs, Inverted Rows (6,8,8) and a couple of chins and pull-ups. Strolling in the sun a little with the family.

    The most insane thing is that I finally started feeling alive AFTER my lifting session. DOMS are subsiding, and this morning I jumped out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, totally thinking to do HIIT after work.

    So, to summ-up last week: 3 lifting sessions, and 3 HIITs (bike, swim and KB). Low on walking, absolutely disgraceful on stretching.

    This week is the first week without the pool. RATS! I would love to incorporate a climb one of these days, but they free belay time is on Sunday afternoon.... Anyway, let's see if I can manage to match last week, etc.
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