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    SL 5x5.....just love seeing those numbers go up.

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    You started this link. Have you got any good ideas yet?

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    Today was SimpleFit L4D1 again. This time, instead of 18 rounds (like last week), I managed 20! And that includes doing my training this week at pretty much high noon in the Miami heat, compared to about 7AM last week. As a warmup I did three handstand holds and two sets of pistols to a low step (reps: 8, 6). Should've done at least one more set, but for some reason my legs weren't feeling too strong.

    Oh, and the SF stuff: pushups were the diamond pushups with leg raised into the air, and squat jumps instead of regular squats. I don't know how I made 20 rounds, because I was nearly redlining there at the end.
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    Hell yeah, Godzilla! You love those kettlebells, don't you ;-)

    Sunday: all-out bike sprints
    Today: ~40min. bikeride with the old man

    Florida heat is horrible....Back to New England next year for me...

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    Walked at a 2.5 mph pace for 2 full hours around my neighborhood... saw lots of fun insects, lizards, frogs, squirrels, etc. Nice load of sunshine. Good morning for sure!

    Then cleaned the apartment from head to toe.
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    Not exactly a normal day, but...

    Cut down 3 huge trees (like Avatar Home tree size...I swear....well, they seemed pretty big to me...)
    Move limbs to curb(the real work...). Move large logs to pile for burning this winter.

    Kettlebell stuff:
    28kg Contralateral single leg deadlift 3R/side
    repeat for 15 min


    24kg 5reps of Clean + 5reps of Front Squat + 5reps of Press ALL on one side.
    Then repeat for the other side.
    Repeat for 15min

    rest. A lot.
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    Bike ride for a total of about an hour
    1.5 mile run (took 15:53, needs to be faster by about two minutes)
    Par Course exercises: wimpy pull-ups- like 3, inverse pull-ups, 2 push-ups (darn shoulder), box jumps (onto a bench), partial dips, L-sit for 15 sec (will be working on this one), forward bends with log.
    28 sit-ups in one minute (practice for fitness test, I need 29 as a minimum, did these last. Would like to be at 36+)
    Feels great!

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    OK, bodyweight strength workout today. Did this one: followed by 1-minute ab planks, two sets, all sides.

    @Jess. My wife restricts my toys. So I can't get a sledgehammer and medicine ball. The kettlebell and jump rope will have to do for now.

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    This past week has been really though for me. I'm excited to embrace the primal blueprint 30-day challenge to get my butt back on board.

    Monday: rest (i.e. driving home from Long Island)
    Tuesday: sprint & lift heavy
    # 2x20 lunges
    # 2x20 squats
    # 2x10 push ups
    # 2x10 dips
    # 2x60 second side plank, front plank

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    In the last 3 days ive played 2 rounds of golf.

    The workout intensity varies depending on how well I play

    Guna do some body weight work tomorrow.

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