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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Sep 2009
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    Sat: 1 Hour Krav Maga followed by Crossfit Cindy, which is 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats, as many rounds in 20 minutes. Did 14 rounds. Did three sets of hanging leg raises for a finisher.

    Sun: Rest. Biked around steamy Tokyo slowly.

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    friday was Deadlifts and Squats. low reps.
    Doing a Power/Hypertrophy combo.

    Sunday I started Hypertrophy workouts.
    Chest/Sholders/Tris 8-12 reps. Lots of presses and a few extensions, More volume.
    See how this goes for awhile.

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    Aug 2009
    @Cinnamon Girl, how'd you like the plyo video? ;-) That was always my favorite. I remember feeling REALLY AWESOME after completing it. Then I would eat like a wild animal afterward. Awwww, bliss. :-)

    25 air squats
    12 scapular wall slides
    5 down dogs + cobra
    12 arm circles
    15sec dynamic hamstring/back twist
    30 jump jacks
    Repeat 2x

    6 push-ups, hands by hips, working on planche strength :-)
    15 one-legged squats OR 30sec one-legged wall squat
    10 elevated wide push-ups (HARD! Had to use some mini breaks b/w the later sets)
    15 one-legged squats OR 30sec one-legged wall squat
    30sec knee tucks
    Repeat 5x, rest 30-60sec between rounds
    + ~25mins. l-sits, dips, push-ups, etc.

    No bars yet, so I placed two stools next to one another with a heavy dumbbell on each one to use as a grip to flip around and hold poses and whatnot. Fun fun fun :-)

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    Aug 2010
    Warmed up with 3 rounds of 30 sec. jumping jacks, inchworms, mountain climbers, burpees. The moved on to Christine and finished her off with 13:04
    3 Rounds for time:
    500m row
    12 bodyweight deadlifts
    21 box jumps (24″)

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    Monday: Still feeling sore from "Cindy" on Saturday so took another rest day.

    Tuesday: 10 x 100-yard sprints. warm up was 5 x 50 and warm down was 2 x 50.

    Wednesday: Rest day.

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    Jul 2010
    5x5 lifts
    and about 20 mins of mobility work..god i needed it.

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    after a long homecoming hiatus, i got back on the horse:

    monday: tabata protocol (5 min, 20 secondsx8, 5 min cool down)
    tuesday: 5 minute warm-up, 3 2-minute rounds with the sledgehammer and a tire, 5 minute cool-down.

    on monday i also attended the local fair (seven hours of walking) and on tuesday me and the lady friend went for a small hike in the woods. now i just gotta get the diet on day today!

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    Ohio and Pennsylvania
    5x5 strong lifts in the morning

    And just playing around with some dumbbells throughout the day when I need a little break from school work.

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    Brampton, ON
    Today is my rest day

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    10 rounds x20 second "sprints" comprising of as many plyo box jumps as I can do in the time without killing myself. 40 second rest in-between. Maybe less if I'm feeling ambitious.

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