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Thread: Picked up a cast-iron skillet today..

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    Picked up a cast-iron skillet today..

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    And absolutely love it! Kept it simple and made turkey burgers as the first experiment. The taste quality was night and day, and no sticking! I would highly recommend one. Awesome stuff.

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    I love mine. I use them every day. I have my Mother's old set, and one I found while rummaging around in some brush on the farm I grew up on. Someone had thrown it out who knows how many years before and I scavenged it! Truth be told it's indistinguishable from the one I bought in a store. I actually have more than I need but I am so smitten with them I can't part with them. I certainly would never throw one away. In the woods no less. LOL I do find that despite using them all frequently I have my favorite that of course is better seasoned so I turn to it the most often.

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    Ryan, fantastic. Best tasting food ever ! I use mine all the time. Once you have cooked in them, fill with tap water and everything comes off easy as. I am thinking about putting in an earth oven, similar to the Maoris traditional oven. But not sure where to start....anyway goodluck with the cast iron !
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    i have an entire set -- wouldn't part with them.
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    What is so different about cast iron than to the high tech (say Jamie Oliver) ones?

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