So I'm starting university term again, but due to time restraints I won't be able to make lunch at my flat, additionally I'm doing intermittent fasting, so no breakfast. Thus I am either forced to eat out or bring some food with me for lunch.
Now eating out isn't great. The campus food is terrible and expensive, and while there are plenty of nice restaurants around they are expensive and other people likely won't want to go there (I'm trying to be social here). Thus I have a problem, what should I eat for lunch?

Ideally the following criteria need to be met:
Not expensive
Can be eaten cold
Won't smell
Won't make a huge mess

That doesn't leave me with a lot of options. Cold chicken and sweet potato could be great, but sweet potato goes soggy in tupperware. Perhaps a chicken salad every day?

What do those of you who are away from home at lunch do? Have you found a restaurant that does good quality, in line with primal, food? Or do you just bring your own?