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Thread: What do you guys do for lunch away from home (e.g. at work), suggestions?

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    I don't eat perfectly primal, mostly cuz I'm on a verrry tight budget, but I'm on campus 11 am - 9 pm this semester and I'm still learning how to bring enough food for that long time period... So far I've got: a salad with organic veggies (lettuce, kale, cukes, beets, carrots), avocado, sunflower seeds, and walnuts. A sandwich (I know, I know, but I tried the grain-free thing for 6 months and it just made me depressed) on Ezekiel bread with organic chicken or turkey, coconut oil, salt, and garlic powder on the bread for taste, cucumber slices, spinach, yellow mustard, and organic provolone. 2 squares of dark chocolate with some almonds or peanut butter. And an apple. Plus I'll eat a big breakfast, some organic eggs and broccoli and a little bit of shaved romano cheese (it's imported so hopefully isn't as gross as conventional American cheese aka pus from the boobs of diseased cows)...I think that's it. Sometimes all that stuff isn't enough!! I wish I could afford to just bring a good ol' grass fed burger w/ me every day...but I just think one day I'll have a degree and some money and I'll be able to eat exactly how I want, so it's worth it!!

    EDIT: It would be wrong not to mention 3-4 fish oil pills, since I eat a good bit of omega-6, a D3 supplement (mine's 2000 IU), and 1000mg of Rhodiola rosea daily (started taking it for anxiety in February, I swear by it)
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    Greek yogurt works for me.

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    I rarely eat out, and even before I went primal/paleo I didn't go out for lunch (except for the occasional coworker birthday celebration or something). I'd say about 85% of my lunches at work are leftovers from dinner the night before - can't get much cheaper than that! Batch cooking is awesome; it's just me and my boyfriend, so I usually cook at least 4 servings of our meal for dinner and pack up the other two servings for our lunches the next day.

    The other 15% is a combination of my "emergency lunch" that I keep at my office in my desk: canned tuna. Yes, it smells (and someone has commented on it before... whoops!) but it's a great option. I keep a bottle of hot sauce and a bottle of coconut aminos at work, too, and just mix the tuna with the other stuff. Before I do so, I usually make a quick drive to the store and grab a small bag of veggies to go with it.

    As far as going out, I don't go to the chain restaurants as I'm not a fan of "fast food" and haven't been in a long time. I hit up the ethnic restaurants - a greek deli near my office has fresh-cooked rotisserie chicken; I'll usually order 1/4 chicken and two sides (grilled eggplant and butternut squash puree, usually) or an assortment of side dishes like shrimp salad, baba ganoush, etc. that will make up a good meal. Other ethnic restaurants I go to are thai and indian, both of which have lots and lots of primal-friendly meals that are delicious!
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    It's so damn hot in our factory in the summer, I can't stomach anything hot for lunch. These are my mainstays from May through September:

    1. Hard boiled eggs
    2. Full fat yogurt
    3. Fruit or veggies, cut/washed ahead of time
    4. Salad (I prefer an easy oil/vinegar dressing plus goat cheese and walnuts and/or cut-up fruit)
    5. Salmon, tuna or chicken salad ... just make sure to get/make good-quality mayo
    6. Jerky
    7. Summer sausage or other deli meat, if you can find a good source of high-quality meat (I found a place in TN that does bison, elk, grassfed beef, etc.)

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    Nuts. I eat an ounce or 2 of Macadamia nuts and Cashews (organic, barely processed), both super healthy and taste amazing. Throw in a piece of dark chocolate to finish.

    Yeah, not a ton of calories (300-400 total), but quite satiating.

    I highly recommend Nativas Naturals for the nuts and Vivani for the Dark Chocolate. Vivani 85% tastes like heaven and has no soy.

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    Today I brought my bento box and inside one of the containers are four small lettuce wraps each with a piece of goat cheese topped with a generous blob of homemade pesto. In another container is one diced avocado coated in walnut oil. Looking forward to breaking my fast with that deliciousness!
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    Right now, I tend to skip breakfast (or just have coffee with HWC) and have an avocado or sometimes two for lunch, with a little lemon or lime juice. I keep a knife and spoon in my drawer at work, and a little tupperware container for mixing. Avocados come in their own clever wrapping! Cut in half, remove pit, cut four or five lines across the length, four or five lines across the width, scrape out of skin, squeeze lime, done! It's extremely filling and delicious.

    As the days get chillier I'll probably add some sweet potato in - I stay in ketosis, so not very much, but a little goes a very long way. I avoid the issue of mushiness by making mushiness a feature: "bake" a whole potato 7 minutes in the microwave, cut it open, mash contents, add butter and salt (or just add cinnamon if you prefer, but I find the butter and salt hits the spot for me more often.) Then I divide between two tupperware containers and split the potato across two lunches.

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    I make salads and take 'em to work to store in the fridge.

    Tesco does a good bagged rocket, watercress & spinach salad I can get three days' worth out of. To that I add sweet peppers, spring onions (scallions), chopped carrots, dill sprigs, red cabbage and some medium rare beef topside from the deli counter. I make a few days' worth in advance on Sunday and Wednesday nights and take them with me to keep at work.

    When it comes to eating I add EV olive oil, sea salt and cayenne pepper I keep in my work drawer.

    If I wanted variety, I'd swap the beef for Harrogate 97% sausages that are gluten free and contain nothing but pork and seasoning. Or bacon lardons, but I really do like the beef.
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    Eat breakfast and fast through lunch?
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