Hi everyone,

I am going to put my 11 yr old son on coconut oil to hopefully gain some focus/improved mental function. He is on the Autism spectrum but is not seriously affected. In doing my reading, there is no way I can get enough MCFAs into him with supplements, so I need to use the actual oil.

Any suggestions on how to get a child to take a few TBSP of coconut oil per day? Today I used maybe 1T in/on his gluten free pancakes and again put about a teaspoon into some hot chocolate. I suppose I could try to get him to take it right off of the spoon (he used to take fish oil that way as a toddler)... but wondering how all of you get your oil daily. Also, is coconut butter lower in MCFA content? I have that in my cupboard, too.

If you have tricks for kids, that is particularly helpful. As mentioned above, he is gluten free.

For anyone interested, there is a nice article in the Sept/Oct issue of Well Being Journal on this subject (but no mention of how much oil to use or how to use it!). I'm going to take the oil, too.