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Thread: Primal Bathroom Business

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    Primal Bathroom Business

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    This may be overtly disgusting, but I have some serious queries.

    Obviously CW dumps are meant to be bulky and regular. However, with Primal, what are you aiming for?

    In my experience, I was pooping really well before Primal, simply because I was eating TONS.
    I was a bit concerned about eating so much meat/cutting fiber, because I've read that intestinal cancer is linked to free radicals formed when animal products are left in the intestine too long, i.e. you don't poop them out.
    However, I also know that fat is meant to be good for "greasing" your innards and making it much smoother to go.
    I think that's why I'm going every day just like I used to: the increased fat.

    Does anybody else want to chime in on this?

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    Eat plenty of avocados, broccoli, raspberries, coconut, sweet potatoes along with healthy meats, eggs and oils and you'll have plenty of fiber to keep things moving.

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    Ha!!! A thread I understand!!

    I've only recently begun, however, all was 'normal' for the first few weeks then I started to up my good fats. Well I ended up with 'floaters' and it drove me nuts that they wouldn't flush...this happened for 1 24hr period...then nothing at all...I skipped a day and worried I was headed to constipation...another 24 hours....then opps, watery...then back to normal. Who knows...I have a serious bowel disorder and I really worried about a flare but NO...I'm back to normal. Maybe my body was adjusting?

    No worries.

    Good topic though...

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    It so happens that one of the paleo podcasts has just done this very topic only this week:

    Pooping 101 with Dr Lo 08/28 by DrLoRadio | Blog Talk Radio

    Diane Sanfillipo also has a section on it in her new book.

    Otherwise, maybe try googling:

    sean croxton poop

    Sean is famous for his uninhibited discussions of the matter.

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    " I've read that intestinal cancer is linked to free radicals formed when animal products are left in the intestine too long, i.e. you don't poop them out"

    It's nonsense. Animal products are the most digestible things we eat. It's plant material and fibers that end up in the intestines and colon so that our symbiotic bacteria can help digest them.

    If you're up for a graphic example Wolverine here self-tested this when he had most of his intestines removed, and got to see what comes out of the stomach on a regular basis:
    Can Humans Digest Meat? | Roar of Wolverine

    Personally I've had poop problems since I was a little kid. I'm lucky that way, I get all the really glamorous health problems. Started getting hemorrhoids with frankly shocking amounts of bleeding when I was about 12. This has continued for most of the time, and with increasing amounts of pain, for most of my life. The only solution I found was to eat tremendous amounts of fiber. Eating even one slice of white bread would start the cycle all over again. Last year, in the throes of a many month long grain-eating binge, I even had to go to the emergency room and get them to fix my butt.

    I switched over to paleo/primal, and have not had a problem since. I don't go as often as the colon purists recommend, about once every two days, which I chalk up to eating things that are more digestible. There's just not that much I eat that needs to be delegated to my bacteria friends. No pain, no bleeding, etc.

    However, my poop is now consistently forest green, but that's probably because I eat blueberries daily...

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    Gut Sense: How to reverse and prevent constipation in children and adults explains it all! Well, mostly. I'm reading Fiber Menace, which explains digestion and how fiber is not really needed so much as people think.
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