Hi there! My name is Paula (aka pebbles67). You may already know me from "The Bedrock Journal"

I have been Primal for almost two years. This lifestyle brought me from the brink of death to great health. I am a total convert. As of my one year anniversary, I had lost 65 of the 100 lbs I was hoping to lose. That is the good news. Unfortunately, the last year has not been as successful. I have regained 30 lbs and have a worsening night binge eating disorder. I went from a few bad days/month around that TOM to a few binge days/week.

There are many factors involved in my particular problem. I was raised by two fabulous, loving, emotional binge eaters who were morbidly obese all of their adult lives. My Mom died last October after a long fight with ovarian cancer. She died in my home under my care. I am perimenopausal and likely have adrenal fatigue. If you wish, you can read my entire story in my journal linked in my signature.

Here is what I am trying now. I am doing a W30 for September because I believe that I have an addiction to artificial sweeteners. I am trying to eat a min of 50g of protein at breakfast a la Leptin Reset because I have read that night bingers have low Leptin sensitivity and don't produce enough melatonin at night. Therefore, I have also added melatonin to try and improve my sleep. I have found a correlation between binges and poor sleep the previous night based on info gleaned from my GOWEARFIT arm band. I will report my progress here as it relates to the binge issue.

***Please feel free to post here. Tell us about your own binge issues and anything that has helped you or others. I would ask that people do not post "Get some willpower" as their only suggestion. I have found that willpower is only one factor in a much bigger picture.