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Thread: The Binge Eater's Group Support Journal

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    I love the idea of this thread and wanted to add a post and another perspective.

    I don't believe I have any disorder of binge eating, but, I do feel like I had and have an addiction to hyperpalatable foods, and indulging in those cravings led me to mimic eating patterns of someone who binges.

    This may seem silly, but I was listening to a Louis CK interview about why he hates cellphones. He comedically brings up the idea (I don't know how he makes this funny, but he does) that we're all lonely in some way. The loneliness and emptiness comes from deep inside somewhere. Sure, we all have many things to be happy about, but if you ever find yourself alone, sometimes loneliness can creep up on you. I think this experience is somewhat universal. We all wonder what we're doing here on this earth, and this is just the iceberg of the conversation we could have about it.

    During his interview, he compared cellphones and texting to the instant gratification we all have been more or less accustomed to--you could also call it "instant distraction."

    The way he explained it really clicked with me, and I realized I fall prey to this. Whenever boredom hits, it's not that I eat or distract myself with media (usually at the same time!) out of boredom per se, but its to prevent these larger problems from bubbling to the surface. It's very easy to sedate myself with a box of oreos and a netflix prescription, and I did it without even realizing the reasons for doing it.

    This might not be everyone's problem, but it really hit home for me. I'm younger (early 20's), and there's a generation of people that live in a world of addictive comfort foods and instant distraction media that allows the sedation, the mild escape we often crave in our day to day lives. Whether calling it "avoiding the loneliness," or "getting a short escape from a bustling work week," it seems very similar to me.

    So, as a holistic approach, I've really tried to address this problem in its entirety--spending less time on my computer, texting less, and most importantly, stopping all my binges.

    I've found when I really, really think about my behavior in this way, it helps me from touching junk food. I tell myself I don't need the distraction, and there's more reward waiting for me if I can stop and think about this life I'm living. Do I sound like a hippy? Oh boy.

    Wow, rant over. I really hope some portion of this can relate to someone.

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    Kcarol- as a girl in her 20s I agree entirely with your post. You have some really good insight here. Rather than technology or food being my instant gratification, I would like it to be going out doors or maybe playing a game with a friend... Only problem is it takes a little more effort.

    Any more I find it comforting to day dream ... And I do wonder sometimes into -why are we here? - or - what is the meaning of life?- I also like to think about how incredible language and communication are. But I keep telling myself it's the little things that matter ...

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