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Thread: Probiotics for more than digestive health?

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    Probiotics for more than digestive health?

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    Oh yeah.

    Scientists Claim Probiotic Yoghurts Increase Sexual Prowess In Mice

    According to the article, increased intake of probiotics positively effected the sexual libido in male rats, and female rats had healthier fur.

    Probiotic Lactobacilli for Urogenital Health in Women : Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology

    In this one, use of probiotics lactobacilli had a negative effect on the growth of yeast, and other infections in the female urogenital system.

    Your Gut Bacteria Linked to Your Risk for Heart Disease by Joseph Mercola

    Not sure how much to trust this one, but apparently Dr. Mercola says that healthy gut flora, which is conferred by consuming probiotcs, is extremely important for long term heart health.

    Yakult: probiotics may boost brain health


    These two articles suggest that adequate intake of probiotics have a positive effect on brain health and behavior patterns.

    Potential of probiotics in controlling cardiovascular diseases

    Thus article suggests that there is good evidence that probiotics are showing great promise in treating negative cardiovascular symptoms.

    Moral of the story? Consume your fermented veggies and raw dairy regularly!
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