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    I know from all of the "is alcohol alright?" threads that there are some scotch drinkers here. I have recently started drinking scotch. Ive had black label (was bad. Assuming this is the Smirnoff of scotch. Very popular among ppl that don't know what good alcohol is and listen to commercials) anyway. Glenlivit was ok. I like glenfidich after the ice cubes melt away some of the burn. I am looking for something else to try along those lines or what my next step up in price range would be.

    I drink the green fidich. Never tried the red bottle.

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    The Macallan, Laphraoig, Lagavullin, ...
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    Alcohol actually has the highest metabolic ration of anything the human body consumes with calories. This means that we burn the majority of the calories we consume from it as energy and actually store very little of it.

    It's the combination of other foods (carb and fat heavy meals especially), that mess with the metabolism of alcohol that largely result in the weight gain found within. But the only way for us to reap the benefits of the high metabolic rate of alcohol (would largely result in weight loss) is to consume no, or very few calories from other sources. This would lead to nutrient deprivation of course, because there are pretty much no benefits (besides the energy content) found in alcohol.

    Ah, the conflicting science of alcohol.

    Also, when I drink my scotch, I like it cold, but not wet. I use those little things (I think they're called scotch rocks or something), that you freeze in the freezer and then put in your drink, but won't melt in the drink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peril View Post
    The Macallan, Laphraoig, Lagavullin, ...

    Also Bowmore and Talisker

    I like the really dark peaty malts espically the Islay ones, not to everyone's taste, quite differnt from Glenfidic which is a highland I think, lwhich are lighter and more floral whiskys
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    And Dalwhinnie and Bruichladdich and Jura and Sheep Dip and Highland Park ... I like an Islay malt (peaty and dry) rather than a Speyside (heavier and sweetish), and I like to drink them either neat or with water, but not with ice :-)

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    All very good scotch's listed so far, but give the Glenfiddich 15 in the red bottle a try, you won't be disappointed. I'm also a fan of Caol Isla.

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    Balvenie Doublewood 12 year. I also have been getting into Irish Whiskeys. I like the Red Breast and the Tyrconnell. I don't like the peaty ones.


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    If you go for Bruichladdich and also MacAllan, You will get a good gauge of peaty versus sweeter. You can have a point of reference from there, but imo both are delicious.

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    currently on Aberlour 10 year old, recent ones were Old Pulteney and Glenlivet, all with a splash of water never ice, that was my grandad's advice as you'll never wake up with a hangover

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliviascotland View Post
    Highland Park
    My favourite. But I do have nearly all of the others mentioned here in my collection.

    I had a distiller tell me that one should put a drop of the water the whisky is made from in it to release aromas and more flavour. If not available, distilled water. 'Fraid I usually add a drop of Tapola. Conny Sewer who knew all about scotch told me that whisky is like wine in that there is a suitable one for every course of a meal and every occasion.

    I just drink single malts because I like them.
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