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Thread: New Group: Grok didn't need shoes

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    Lol I know what you mean, but not to bothered what they look like, besides I got the see through ones so looks like Im actually barefoot!

    Anyway they work! MY FIRST REAL BAREFOOT RUN WAS AMAZING! It wasn't just natural it was fun. Felt so primal to feel all the terrains under my feet. Didn't care if they got dirty as water shoes rinse clean and they cost so little. Grip was good, flexible and fit like a glove, or rubber sock sock lol

    Wondering If I will get any off comments/looks using them on the treadmill in the gym....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allbeef Patty View Post
    Shadowrider, I posted some videos on the group page.
    Thank you, Sir AbP! Watched the u2b one -- will read through the other (and watch the embedded vid) later.

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