Is it possible that a fall five months ago caused some damage to my left foot that is only now making itself known?

At the end of March, I caught the toe of my right shoe in a crack in the sidewalk and fell over on my left side. At the time, I ended up with a scraped left knee and a goose egg on my left temple (thank God I have a hard skull; no problems from that other than a black eye).

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed at work that my left foot was swollen; it gradually became somewhat painful to walk on, feeling as if someone had stepped on my foot and bruised it.

I thought it had to do with sitting too long at work, but taking breaks and walking around the office hasn't made a difference. Less salt in my diet hasn't made a difference either. My foot is much less swollen in the mornings (after a night's sleep) but becomes more so as I get up and move around.

Thinking I might somehow have gotten a stress fracture, I went to the doctor's and got an x-ray and will see the doctor about that the end of this coming week.

As someone terribly out of shape, I have been trying to walk more, but I have not been doing any kind of activity that would, as far as I know cause a stress fracture, unless I kicked the wall next to my bed in my sleep.

So I am wondering if what happened in March would have done something.