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    Alcohol, What do you drink?

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    I'm just curious what you guys drink or if you do at all. Anyway, I had 3 drinks last night consisting of 2 glasses of white wine, gin and tonic. I got drunk from this. I really don't drink very much and I have freaking headache today. I had a horrible sleep too last night.

    Anyway, I'm going out for my birthday next weekend and yes I plan on drinking. What are some paleo friendly mix drinks can I get?

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    When I drink (which has been too often just recently), I drink either red wine or single malt whisky with water.

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    Spirits. Cocktails. No mixes, fresh ingredients only.

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    I don't drink, never did. IIRC, the red wine is always the top choice.
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    white wine, different kinds of whiskeys and rums...on the rocks

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    whatever i want. hard liquor like scotch, bourbon, etc. usually straight. or micro-brewed/craft beer (i'm a huge beer snob). i really don't drink that often (maybe 2-3 drinks per week) so it really doesn't matter to me.

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    I don't drink often... maybe once or twice per month, a few drinks each time. I also don't like beer much (though I will say yes to cider if I want something fizzy) and I hate hate hate sweet liquor (rum, whiskey, bourbon, etc.) so those are things I rarely if ever have.

    My usual go-to is wine - 90% of the time I choose red, but if it's crazy hot out or I'm feeling exhausted (or wearing light-colored clothes that I don't want to stain) I will have white wine or sangria. Yeah, I'm "that person" who will be the only weirdo to order wine at a dive bar or pub, haha.

    If I'm out and about and debauchery is part of the plan, I will have vodka and seltzer or gin and tonic. If I feel like being fancy, I'll get an extra-dry vodka martini with a twist.
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    a margarita on the rocks, a shot of orange liqueur poured on top, no salt.. has always been my go to drink of choice. i have no idea what the tequila is mixed with in bars tbh so i doubt i will be drinking it anymore going forward. =*(

    maybe i will have to join the red wine bangwagon after my whole30 is done

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    For me it really depends on where I'm at when I drink. I do typically drink some beer here/there, but I also love some whiskey and bourbons. Good thing there are a couple of nicer upscale whiskey bars in the area, so I typically end up there.

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    I haven't been drinking much lately, because I've noticed that alcohol in the evening = very poor quality sleep.

    I used to really like red wine, but even small amounts tend to give me headaches, so I tend to not drink it often. Plus, the cheaper wines tend to be part wine, part chemical cocktail.

    Now, when I do drink, I have a really high quality absinthe. Aside from really liking the taste, it never gives me a headache or makes me feel like crap the next day, even if I have too much, likely because it's pure distilled alcohol that's flavored and colored with herbs, most of which are medicinal.

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