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    I'm a light beer girl...usually only two every couple of weeks with maybe a shot of fireball whiskey thrown in....fireball is delish!

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    White and Red wines from California
    Kentucky bourbon
    Vodka martinis

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    I'm having big glass of red wine now and it is nay 5:00, at least I made it . I love red wine and drink a lot of it, but l have just started enjoying the hard ciders on draft.
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    I very rarely drink but last weekend we made NorCal margaritas for the first time. I was impressed. I was generous with the tequila but I couldn't taste it at all. Got a good buzz, not drunk, and suffered no hangover the next day. I will definitely make them again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BestBetter View Post
    I haven't been drinking much lately, because I've noticed that alcohol in the evening = very poor quality sleep.

    I used to really like red wine, but even small amounts tend to give me headaches, so I tend to not drink it often. Plus, the cheaper wines tend to be part wine, part chemical cocktail.

    Now, when I do drink, I have a really high quality absinthe. Aside from really liking the taste, it never gives me a headache or makes me feel like crap the next day, even if I have too much, likely because it's pure distilled alcohol that's flavored and colored with herbs, most of which are medicinal.
    You have me curious about absinthe... never had it before. I used to love red wine and still do, but can't drink it without getting a headache. How do you know if it's good quality? How pricey is it?

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    I enjoy a good single malt on the rocks when it is hot out. I like a good cognac when it is cold out.

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    I'm a red wine and/or scotch kinda guy, and I drink regularly

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    I drink it all really. Although these days I drink pretty rarely, maybe once a month tops.

    Top primal choice is red wine followed by unmixed spirits and hard liquor.

    However, as several of our primal success stories have proved, you can be pretty dang healthy, even as a heavy beer consumer. It's all about moderation.

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