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Thread: Convict Conditioning + Al Kavadlo are changing my life

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    Convict Conditioning + Al Kavadlo are changing my life

    Short story version: Been a home-workout guy for the last two years. P90X helped me change my entire lifestyle, and I've been addicted to working out HARD since then. I ended up injuring my ankle (being stupid) and as a result I have a sketchy achilles tendon and a serious bone spur on the back of my heel. I tried to modify my approach to working out but I failed without a systematized program (just pressing play every day on a dvd workout made life simple.)

    Snagged convict conditioning after reading about it on this forum and after just 3 weeks I'm gaining strength like CRAZY in less time than I'm used to. it's a perfect fit for my goals - to get leaner and stronger (not BIGGER - I'm already 230, 6'2" tall) and to avoid stress on my ankle while I heal. Thank you thank you thank you to Coach Wade, Al Kavadlo and his amazing site + encouraging spirit, and the Primal community. You never know who's reading what you post - that's been me - a lurker for a while.

    Happy to report huge strength gains and a healing ankle. This format is insanely challenging and effective. Looking forward to when I can run and jump again, but til then I'm happy as a clam

    -Matt to check out my blog of my journey, if you're interested.
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