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Thread: Big guy - 3 months into my Primal Journey w/ pic

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    Big guy - 3 months into my Primal Journey w/ pic

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    Turned my life around w/ P90X 2 years ago, became a Beachbody coach, helped hundreds of folks reach their goals... then I got injured. A major ankle tendon and none spur issue kept me from working out like I was used to and I let myself backslide a bit. Had a good buddy recommend TPB and the rest is history. I eat probably 85% primal and I've been working out during this time with a variety of home workouts, including taking long double-stroller walks with my wife. Pushing 2 kids really slowly through hills is a GREAT burn! 3 weeks ago I discovered Convict Conditioning and I'm happy to say I'm back at a weight that allows me to attempt such feats of strength. I'm a big dude - highest weight in the 280's, but in the last 2 months I've gone from 242 down to my current 230. 230 lbs makes bodyweight workouts SERIOUS work!

    Hope to continue on this path of leaning out while building my strength. I'm 10 lbs away from my lightest weight (after I finished Insanity: ASYLUM last year I was right at 220) but I'm stronger now than I was then. I'm up to 15 pullups in a set, I can do headstands, crow stands (crane), and grip work I never thought I'd be able to do. Thanks Mark and Primal community for helping me reboot my life!

    p.s. the lower inflammatory diet is quickly helping me rehab my ankle issue, not to mention the non-plyo approach to working out is exactly what I needed!

    Matt - I put this here not as an advertisement, but I'd love if you checked out my coach's blog with my journey, linked on AnySizeFitness!
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