Hi guys

This is my second try at keeping a primal journal. I was keeping one up until a few months ago, and found it quite helpful to have a written record of what I've been doing, as well as for the added accountability. I also found, though, that my posts got long-winded (and often whingingly introspective), which was time-consuming to write, annoying even for ME to read back, and ultimately got me a little concerned about how readily identifiable I was through my journal.

So. This time around, I'll be keeping a pretty brief log of how I'm going with the PB. I don't really mind if anyone reads it or not, but having it out there will be one more motivation to keep on track.

This is where I'm starting from:

I'm 22, female. Primal (to varying degrees of strictness) since November 2011. It works for me. I'm not the best at sticking to it 100%, but when I'm good, I feel good, and I see quick, awesome results. I'm not trying to lose much weight, just to optimise my health, up my energy - and yes, look a little better.

Weight as of today: 61.9kg (136 pounds).
Height: 177/178ish cm, or around 5'9"/5'10"ish (I think - haven't been measured in a while, and not sure of the conversion)
BMI based on those measurements: 19.6

Hip: 33"; Waist: 27"; Chest: 34".

Blood pressure - consistently fine - if anything a little low.
Blood panel - perfect. (yay!)

My stats are not too bad, and I'm under no anorexic illusions that 'OMG, I need to lose moar weight!'. I would like to lose a teeny bit, though - I'm naturally (luckily, I know) quite skinny-figured, and with my previous primal experiences, I find that my sweet spot is around 58kg or so.

I hit 58 when I stay around 80/20 primal and exercise regularly, so I'd say that's pretty much the ideal for me (although if I added muscle weight to that, I wouldn't complain!). If I slack on the diet and exercise, I tend to head back up and hover around 62 or so, which I do not love: I look flabby and I feel flabby. If I'm super-strict with primal, plus exercise, I actually shoot down to lower than I want to go - 55kg or so, which is getting pretty damn skinny for my height.

So: goal is a healthy, energetic, 58kg or thereabouts.

Dietary goals: eat cleaner, stick to my 80/20, or even more if I can. Lose the taste for junk food that sees me binge at weak moments....and then keep binging for days.

Exercise goals: ride my bike less sporadically. Hit my LHT workout three times EVERY week, not just quiet weeks. Yoga most days, mix some sprints in sometimes.

Lifestyle goals: Be energetic enough to make the absolute most of now - a very busy, but incredibly exciting, enjoyable and rewarding time of my life.

I hope to post daily, or nearly daily - probably just brief logs of what I ate/exercise I did, as well as a note of whether I made the best of the day overall.

So, guess the forum will be hearing from me soon